Sophie Ward Interview About Coming Out As Lesbian.

English actress Sophie Ward talks about coming out as a lesbian in a TV interview from 1997. More Sophie ward inof and pics can be found here…
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20 Responses

  1. veroymaca4life says:

    she's a sweetheart. .how is she today?

  2. betty g says:

    i totally agree that it is good to see a beautiful honest woman that is in the puplic eye shareing her story and i encourage more actors or actress's come out yes the "biz"as u call it is a cruel world but it is that way everywhere i was once in the public eye in collage as student governer it was scary noone knew i was gay until that moment but noone cared thats when i knew even thoe its scary you have to be honest and true.

  3. Adrian Browne says:

    She looks sexy in that song Avalon by Roxy Music great song too.

  4. Rockas360 says:

    That's not true. What planet do you live on? Stop being so bigoted.

  5. quietscheentchen says:

    ^thats not true…how about Portia DeRossi or Kristanna Loken? They are both beautiful and i assume you kinda mean that lipstick lesbians (normally i dont like that term) arent there as much as butch ones so you consider butch ugly? not sure if you mean that. there are a lot of femme lesbians, but maybe its not quite obvious to you that they are so that you only notice the butch ones. does that make sense?

  6. chewymatty1 says:

    this is what happens when you let your daughters act in horror films

  7. Face Reality says:

    @StrikerX10 you're sick in the head.

  8. AuH2O says:

    @StrikerX10 Sure, I like lesbians too. Provided that 1) They're hot like Sophie, and not butch 2) They will take cock on the side ('cause otherwise what's the point of getting turned on by them).

  9. RDB says:

    @reachall I swear that's what every guy says to attractive lesbians…before they get rejected 😛

  10. Pete says:

    @kishichanX3 – Its called a Village Affair I think.

  11. reachall says:

    She probably never met the right man… now she settles for bierded clam….lol

  12. Tumua Faasua says:

    I am so happy and proud of her!

  13. goodmorningchap says:

    @StrikerX10 what a ridiculous comment.

  14. LSK says:

    @kishichanX3 a village affiare

  15. TheSonjaxfactor says:

    @SingJiya lol

  16. Vicky Prest says:

    @lword1970 Yes they are 🙂 Its been years and years but they are still going strong! 😀

  17. lword1970 says:

    Are they still together ????

  18. normalguyable says:

    pervert dike carpet muncher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. SylvanaForrester says:

    How strange that they have the audience sitting BEHIND them.

  20. Janix Filbs says:

    Never saw a picture of her wife… wait is she the overweight fake short headed blonde in some of the pics. I don't know, Where did u find pics of rena?

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