Stranger #242 – Jess

Stranger #242 – Jess
hair style step by step
Image by Peter Grifoni
Both Sylvia and I spotted Jess’ standout hair from the other side of the street and after a brief introduction on our intent, we were all walking down a side street looking for a suitable background.

The sun was out and with no shade in sight we made good use of the scrim to provide just the right amount of shade. Sylvia was brilliant standing on the tips of her toes and stretching right out holding the scrim in place over Jess’ head, doing her best not get in the frame.
Jess was an absolute natural in front of the camera, taking directions with ease and looking fabulous and relaxed no matter what angle I shot her from. To say that I was captivated by her natural beauty and poise is an understatement.

Believe it or not Jess had just stepped off a plane from Cape Town, South Africa only a few hours earlier to visit and work with her brother. She had the most intriguing accent and at the end of the shoot we chatted about how we thought she should look into doing some modelling work.

This shot is my favourite from the dozen or so I shot and think that it really shows her style. On a technical note, I have played around a little with the overall softness of this image, pulling down the details and moving away from the tack sharp portraits that I normally post. Personally, I think it suits Jess’ look. I have posted the sharper, less processed version for you to compare. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts… positive or negative… I can handle it!

Thanks Jess for being part of the project and I hope you enjoy your say in OZ.

This picture is #242 in my 3rd round of The 100 Strangers Project.
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