the secret behind covfefe

The secret meaning of covfefe is finally revealed

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Hey Vsauce, Wall Here


v coffee is the future

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20 Responses

  1. Natesorocks says:

    I didn't subscribe to see real stuff

  2. balls says:

    He meant uvueuve

  3. Zazz King GD says:

    Fuck You.

  4. LakeBigHead says:

    my nama vsauce

  5. Kermit the Frog's Stepson says:

    Another Durv meme?

  6. The Fart Lord says:


  7. BoulderZapp says:

    Dammit. 4 hours late. Guess I'll try to be early next time.

  8. Blond abernichtblöd says:

    Covfefe FIRST!

  9. 21 Cabbage says:

    Brb ending my life

  10. When you can bust a myth but not a nut says:

    1 like = 1 covfefe for trump

  11. Vane G. says:

    Drumpf made a typo and it's suddenly a conspiracy. inb4 lefties make out something racist out of it.

  12. v3ktör147 says:

    14/10 moar creative AF vids like this one!

  13. no subscribe says:

    I will take v in my covfefe

  14. Al Paca says:

    M O R E S P I T F A C T S

  15. Mist Surreal says:


  16. Xeno The Drunken Asura says:


  17. bluefireify says:

    Well… It is 2017, what'd you expect. x

  18. Zachary Wilson says:


  19. HITMAN ◢◤ ΛVICII says:

    hahaha Vsauce "

  20. Justin Wright says:

    I actually didn't expect that one

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