Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport by Rolf Harris 1963

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  1. Andreas C. says:

    It's astounding how people allow the facade these predators create, to convince their fans to look past damning evidence and testimonies of victims to the point where these superstar predators can do no wrong. He's innocent you say? Did you ever meet him? Did you hear him get called "the octopus" for decades? Get real.

  2. Mike Hunt says:

    at 1:24 we can all hate him for being racist and condoning slavery too…

  3. Ricky Dumas says:

    I'm Jake the ped, deedle-eedle-eedle-um
    Revile the man, but I believe somebody else should re-record all the songs so we can remember the songs but not who wrote them.

  4. Candace Chase says:

    Such a great song from the 1960's.

  5. Tony Davis says:

    ok….he got caught out…..and people rave on about him being a sex offender etc,…but why are his videos still up on youtube?, surley the YT admin would have taken them all down!…..

  6. Sheri451 says:

    I saw an old episode of To Tell The Truth and this man and his wobble board was on there.

  7. philmatoph says:

    this song all I can say is damn and laugh was this guy high or drunk.

  8. gritsnsand says:

    I was in the 3rd grade when this song was an international hit. I loved his accent and delivery (quivering voice of dying man) but was creeped out by the "tan me 'ide" part. lol

  9. Dolores M says:

    When I was five my dad used to sing this to me. Now, after 58 years I know why. He nick named me Blue. Wow, after all those years I never knew why I knew this song. This is the first time I have listened to this since I was a child. Miss you dad.

  10. Frank Martin says:

    OK so the movie wolf Creek 2 brong me here lol

  11. Andy Wainwright says:

    bestiality's best boys
    bestiality's best (fuck a wallaby)
    bestiality's best boys
    bestiality's best

    go to sleep with a sheep, boys
    go to sleep with a sheep…

  12. David Gee says:

    Considering that this guy was beloved in Australia, and presumably rich, if he's innocent of the crimes he's accused of then why is he in prison? If there was even the slightest of doubt that he didn't commit the crimes he did, he wouldn't be in prison.

  13. Mark Bradbury says:

    Absolute class

  14. Donna Schatz says:

    I am in Eugene Oregon and a young man was playing a digeridoo on the the street. I told him about this song which was of course before his time. So I had to listen on You Tube and he said he would check it out also. The Australians live on!!

  15. Uranus Skywalker says:

    He's a wonderful man

  16. Leonard Gilbreath says:

    this is one great tune and remember when it came everyone was singing it it was that fun to sing.

  17. Bill Fletcher says:

    My favorite entertainer – but will be remembered for being vile.

  18. Fred Bloggs says:

    This great guy is obviously innocent and was framed by the gutter press

  19. Roy Sadaka says:

    A true innocent man

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