True Meaning of “Covfefe”

“What is the true meaning of covfefe asks Donald Trump.

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20 Responses

  1. Pramit Vyas says:

    OMG, this actually made sense

  2. Momsemann says:


  3. Neonman 1230 says:

    Do pink sheep is illuminati

  4. Average gamer 21 says:

    Make a vsauce is Illuminati confirmed video

  5. morgan da king says:


  6. SergeantKenway says:

    this actually makes sense

  7. Daniel Frank says:

    Dude that fukn song at the end LOL

  8. Danny Green says:

    Master of everything trump

  9. SilviuTM says:


  10. H Farnesi says:

    Covefefe is trumps secret code for I'm a homo.

  11. Attie Ndzombane says:

    I swear it's the nuclear codes

  12. D3adp001 Guy says:

    send to trump on twitter till he responds

  13. duncan sterken says:

    you killed me

  14. Matias Høgden says:

    Worst thing is that almost makes sense

  15. Sam Smith says:

    I'm actually sort of convinced by this ahaha

  16. Sebastian D says:


  17. BrickProductions says:


  18. Toke Nyholm says:

    Roses are red
    that may be true
    But violets are violet
    not frickin blue!

  19. SpicyBunz Entertainment says:

    Someone get Trump.

  20. Mary Smith says:

    who else was confused when the first voice wasn't the 'original' voice😂

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