Unboxing a FYE.Com WWE Exclusive Funko Pop

Unboxing a FYE.Com WWE Exclusive Funko Pop

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4 Responses

  1. roberto pesantezza says:

    this pop is very cool, got it on amazon for 10$. Also very nice your editing, I've notice you improve the quality of the video👍 big up

  2. John Paulo says:

    How long did it take fye to ship your pops? Going to try order this.

  3. HorribleReeds says:

    Very cool, but $15 each is a pricey Pop. But I agree, I bought two Overwatch exclusives from the Blizzard store once and even though the outside box was pristine, inside, 1 Pop box was smashed to hell and the other was perfect. Glad I got two.

  4. MotionlessIn White says:

    This is such a awesome pop!!

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