What is ‘Covfefe’? | The View

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  1. ERAUPRCWA says:

    Not saying anything of The View, but this is what the MSM is covering? I know it's just a fun story, but there are more important issues and we're discussing his typo? I can't stand 45 and his cronies, but 45 has a point with "fake news." Jed was correct with the distraction…

  2. Cookie Baby says:

    All the troubles in this world! we are focusing on Stupidity. Perplexities everywhere. We are stuck on stupid!!

  3. Mark Chippendale says:

    Just think for a minute… covfefe… what DOES it mean?? Pretty obvious really. "In spite of all the negative press covfefe…" That word was meant to be "coverage", although we have no idea what the rest of the sentence would have been.

  4. Valerie Walton says:

    I think he is trying to spell "coverage", but typed in the wrong letters…

  5. Enrique Munguía says:

    Everyone knows that Pres. Trump is an illiterate. Also i agree with Jed, news should be reporting on something more important instead of talking about every tweet agent Orange sends to the world.

  6. george bush says:

    The poltitions want you to look at the shiney objct while they screw America!

  7. Y Sekander says:

    I think I have covfefe in my pants.

  8. Emeka Ezeogo says:

    You Americans be whiling. COVFEFE is a nuclear code.

  9. ZIK-TG says:

    Trevor Noah will say it in Russian…. Mark my words.

  10. T W says:

    Trump – The King of Distraction

  11. LRissa19 says:

    Just a stroke mid-tweet

  12. Diva Dinnett says:

    Everybody but you and me, Whoop!

  13. sh09un1 says:

    i saw this tweet 18 minutes after it was posted and my prayers have been answered because they are now talking about it on the view…

  14. Jason Reamer says:

    80 people dead . these woman are skugs

  15. annette reeves says:

    covfefe is wat 45 has on his head

  16. Sajida Latif says:

    covfefe is when your about to tweet something stupid, and your staff grab your phone.. 😅

  17. esudo says:

    coverage people

  18. KING KONG says:

    means ….confess

  19. sharrisworks says:

    Are these issues which will impact America's Democracy…moving on,, please?

  20. Chen Lee says:

    Whoopi is just pissed, because she can't eat COVFEFE…

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