What’s Opera, Doc YouTube

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  1. Amon Von Stein says:

    top 10 Anime traps

  2. Natalia Bogdał says:

    Love ??

  3. Valerie Vargas says:

    I'm pretty everyone else were expecting Bugs to be black and crispy but instead they have to make it look like he gets killed off and when he said "Well, what did ya expect from an opera? a happy ending?" well not when it's in Looney Tunes version so sad.

  4. skinger skanger says:

    …"MAGIC HELMET! scoffs"

  5. LagiNaLangAko23 says:

    So they were already coming up with compilation vids before internet?

  6. robert shepherd says:

    i prefer happy harmonies cartoon about an opera over this being a wcw and the magnificent seven thing only when its global wrestling federation on espn classic the sister channel of disney itself get it?

  7. TheVintageRomance says:

    Still cant believe this was voted the #1 greatest cartoon

  8. Daniel Matui says:

    fucking furies!

  9. kira battle says:

    yoo ho ho woo, yoo ho ho woo, yoo ho ho woo-

  10. The King of the Penguins says:

    One of the greatest cartoon sequences of all time. This is pure cinematic brilliance

  11. Emanuel Mayer says:

    Tannhäuser is my favorite Wagner-opera. listened (and watched) it probably way too often. the pilgrims choir is a miracle <3

  12. Angelica Correa says:

    I remember laughing so much when I saw this when I was a kid! ?

  13. glowinthedarktablet says:

    only in looney tunes can you have a cross dressing rabbit singing opera with a hunter! haha god I love these…..

  14. JenniLeigh81 says:

    That horse gives me life.

  15. Caitlin Leonard says:

    oohh my childhood!!!

  16. Jonathan Rivera says:

    I find myself singing this randomly from time to time

  17. Tyrah Knight says:

    fat ass ? horse!!#??


    One of the greatest cartoons ever made

  19. Pipe Martinez says:


  20. Lucy McNamara says:

    This was always one of my favorites as a child, it made me laugh then. Watching this as an adult puts the word "funny" to a whole new level lol! And the music is wonderful. Thanks for posting.

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