Mark and Kristian review the highly anticipated DCEU film, ‘Wonder Woman.’

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20 Responses

  1. Magese William says:

    Great movie heh..Too bad, The marvel fan hating cunts will go watch it and actually enjoy it, but come outside an say AAwh it was okay, a good solid movie, not great, just a good movie…

  2. Magese William says:

    One of the best you have ever seen, great, apparently someone thinks it not even in top ten, its in the class of Antiman and all second tier good movie, hey Mark go talk to your boy John Campea, tell him stop being a fucking hater..

  3. Gabriel Munos says:

    not even watching the review but jesus that thumbnail is trash

  4. EgocentricHead says:

    Hey, guys… So what happened to that video in which Sasha said that she heard from reliable source that Wonder Woman sucks? Couldn't find it.

  5. DrRosenpenis says:

    Yaaassss! Saw this last night and was blown away! Thank Christ they kept Snyder mostly away from this thing.

  6. evilos72 says:

    I'd think twice about giving this movie a good review! Your grand master Kevin Feige might not let you guys suck him for his nut butter…….. Suck away boys and don't forget to leave some for the rest of the collider group…. Don't be greedy.

  7. Pedro Molina says:

    So happy to see the 5 schmoes rating system back!

  8. Sarah Maloney says:

    Did I miss them explaining why it's gone from % back to /5 schmoes? For the scoring 😂 it was schmoes, then percentage then schmoes again

  9. Sanjay Raju says:

    Everyone's happy about DC for now. The year still young, just wait till Justice League comes out, the reviews will be negative again.

  10. Wintermute01001 says:

    So this movie is good and is getting great reviews? In two months everyone on the Internet will hate it.

  11. Citizen Shane says:

    finally dc gets it right…

  12. dustin barhorst says:

    harloff nailed it at the beginning of this video. I realized after about the 2nd time I heard it that it is very reminiscent of immigrant song by zepp

  13. Rocky Severino says:

    where is the shmoes review on rotten tomatoes? Mark said it was going up yesterday and I just checked it's still not there

  14. Thomascrown17 says:

    Absolutely no diss to Snyder. But look at this. Fun, Humor and another director. Just look at this. Good win for DCEU

  15. Carver Hamilton says:

    Ellis talks way too much man.let the other dude talk

  16. Mista Z says:

    what happened to the score out of 100

  17. John Drennen says:

    Harloff you douche bag. Go sleep in a dumpster you jag off

  18. sherpole haroone says:

    already watched wonder woman just now. gives me goosebumps and teary eyes how good the director directs most of the scene

  19. Coleman Wiederhold says:


  20. Kevin Charles says:

    why does all superhero movies always have to be fun and full of humour… why ?

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