Zac Efron Can’t Stop Flirting With Alexandra Daddario

Zac Efron (Brody) Is Being Flirtatious With Baywatch Co-star Alexandra Daddario (Summer).

Are Zac’s moves charming or cringey? Zac shows a lot of affection towards Alexandra. Is there romance between this rumoured couple? Judge for yourself.

‘Flirty things Zac Efron says to Alexandra Daddario (Cringe edition)’

(for more): Watch Zac Efron Not Being Able To Stop Blushing During This Flirty Interview:
(and): Watch Zac Efron Not Being Able To Hide His Affection For Alexandra Daddario:
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20 Responses

  1. Vid Strike says:

    Do you find Zac's affection cute or does it make you cringe? I'm still debating about my answer.. Anyone else stuck?

  2. J Tanashi says:


  3. bunty singh says:

    don't blur tits plz killed my erection you dweebs..

  4. Arvind Ganesh says:

    xd never imagined troy would get friend zoned lmao

  5. Pepi Os says:

    I don't find her attractive wtf everyone it's crazy about her , lol I think I look better than her rolf

  6. CAKE BOW XMAS says:

    still better love story then twilight

  7. CAKE BOW XMAS says:

    tbh its getting pretty funny to watch

  8. TheCompulsiveWinner says:

    For those of you wondering why he's being friendzoned, it's because she already has a boyfriend, his name's Ben Verlander. Although as a straight guy, I must say that Zac is waaaaaayyyyy better looking than that guy.

  9. Arman Ericson Molina says:

    what's with the F**k*ng flute sound track jeeeezzzz

  10. Jadugar Jagga says:

    so the bottom line is :
    Zac wants her for her big boobs and pretty face but she doesn't want him for small dick

  11. Tomas Aligaen says:

    we dont know anything on happen to them in real life.if there is any revelation need to shared its should be coming from zac.last few days i saw and read some hints coming from them that they are in relationship.we are old enough to know which its true or not true but from my own observation base on their action that there is a special feeling for each other.

  12. kiki wu says:


  13. Papa FreaK says:

    wtf is this comments saying zac is gay??

  14. Nathan Wong says:

    wtf is everyone calling him gay, Jesus calm down

  15. mädchick says:

    Yeah Zac its obvious YOU fucking like her just date already ugh ?

  16. Islam Tem says:

    Nothing but a shared love of pickles, so far…..
    Key word is so far ?

  17. Xalion Nightmare says:

    shes out of his league so she doesnt wanna look bad infront people

  18. Mister X says:

    Zac should have used more tongue in the kissing scene.

  19. Louie Smith says:

    her eyes

  20. pramesh gurung says:

    Even successful goodlooking guys gets friend zoned ???

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