Absolver Gameplay Walkthrough – IGN Live: E3 2017

A rundown of the new gameplay modes and details in Absolver.

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20 Responses

  1. Sean XxX says:

    The name of it will set it back

  2. Savion Smith says:

    Why does every single game have to be an online open world sigh

  3. Lunatic_Fighter says:

    Tekken is still best 3D fighter.

  4. tou zong says:

    boring… lol next.

  5. Brandon Farrar says:

    So from what I see this won't be a open world game? More like a team vs team arena style?

  6. imam maazouz says:

    animations could have been better

  7. Noctis Kami says:

    psone remaster?

  8. Jarrod S says:

    This is literally For Honor's fighting mechanics….good good its spreading

  9. Coalminds.com says:

    "It's not that much different from E3" – lol!

  10. Zadok the Priest says:

    Imagine how awesome MK Shaolin Monks could be with this kombat system

  11. black broly says:

    this looks so out of date

  12. Obaoba3 Was says:

    in the picture I feel her legs are not really fine. is it just me?

  13. Obaoba3 Was says:

    in the picture I feel her legs are not really fine. is it just me?

  14. Abi Nubli says:

    should have dynamic blocking not just passive block just like any other game

  15. criscros95 says:

    There are some bossfight?? no?

  16. Zelroi Vossen says:

    Dishonorable, can't wait for this to become toxic too.

  17. Mr. Bofo says:

    This game looks great. I don't like the idle stance though. Standing still? Well you're gonna stand as still and stiff as possible. It needs to be made to feel a bit more… idk, tangible. Running and standing need to be more visually pleasing.

  18. ಠ_ಠ says:

    This game already looks like its going to the $20 shelf in walmart.

  19. Angel Lopez says:

    is there a release date for Xbox one yet??

  20. blakeandcamp says:

    Sound effects need a lot of work. There's like no impact to them.

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