Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone

Jason Howell, Ron Richards, Florence Ion and Matteo Doni from discuss Andy Rubin’s announcement of the Essential Phone.
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20 Responses

  1. Sugou Nobuyuki says:

    anyone else waiting for the 1+5?

  2. Anderson Cave says:

    Is Florence right in the head ? The Pixel the perfect phone ? Secondly, didn't Jobs embrace his baby the iPhone from the start, all early iPhones before Johnny Ives were all S. Jobs projects, he personally overlooked the production and design…..but again if it's not Apple or Samsung it's useless right ??

  3. neno232 says:

    You guys aren't well informed….

  4. aa311 says:

    I own the le Max 2, it has no headphone jack and i dont miss it at all it comes with the dunbgle but it also comes with usb c headpods with lossless audio they support dubly admos and CDLA. trust me we no longer need headphone jack on phones

  5. Andre None Ya says:

    I swear if at 7:20 she would have said iPhone, i seriously would have tried choking her through the screen. lol

  6. Zum Zam says:

    No Oled? thanks no

  7. chinito china says:

    Sus baduy bakit dpa inilagay ang cam sa bottom pra mas maganda tsk

  8. Suhar Tono says:

    no jack ,. but phone is so thick ,.

  9. Daniel Dini says:

    This is twat

  10. bud rhuy says:

    these jerks laugh at it but uses iphone that isnt worth the price you pay for the device. rather have that essential phone than iphone. 😀

  11. Gregory Lopes says:

    So Andy Rubin comes out of nowhere with a brand new company, and their very first phone makes the design of the iPhone look comically outdated and bulky. If it wasn't for their integration, Apple would be out of business. Android manufacturers are kicking their butt on industrial design.

  12. Samuel Martinez says:

    I'm cool with him bringing us the phone he would want. Sidekick and Android where Gold and he made those for what he would want.

  13. Samuel Martinez says:

    Pet project flo? Come on! You have got to to better to defend that saying the pixel is the perfect phone.

  14. jad hzim says:

    oh my god do we need more stupid smart phones at this moment on earth ? man come on can someone stop this bulshit and someone go ahead and create something can be more useful than a smart phone … there is more smartphones than human now

  15. chemicalsam says:

    It looks horrible.

  16. Richard Henderson says:

    Flo is an even bigger idiot. " I love the Pixel XL because its the perfect phone for me. This new phone is missing too many things to be called a flagship. Oh yeah the Pixel is missing a lot of those and more too who cares…"

    " what we don't have is a phone that looks as great as the Galaxy S8 but has the simplicity of the Pixel operating system…"

    Meanwhile the Pixel and the S8 run the same OS, Android.

    You my dear are a moron. Please do not speak about technology anymore, thank you.

  17. Richard Henderson says:

    These idiots think Ceramic is clay…..

    Ceramic is harder than stainless steel on the Mohs scale. How do these people get a YouTube following???

  18. Björn Keil says:

    While I am very enthusiastic about this phone as well – particularly strong materials is always a way to get this. The reason why I prefer Gibson Guitars, for example, primarily because I prefer the feel of mahagoni in my hand over that of alder and maple.

    However the few things that bug me:
    1) There is no mentioning of the device having a water or dust resistance of any kind. Maybe they are still working on the certification, but a complete absence would be a no-go for me, since once an iPhone of mine drowned in beer.

    2) If the fall energy upon impact is not absorbed by the titanium frame, where does kinetic energy go instead? The answer to that questions depends on the details of it's construction, but a cell phone of that size naturally does not have a lot of buffer space. It may very well be that the electronics and glass are likely to break because the frame is harder. While it does protect the glass in so far as frame is less likely to dent into the glass, the glass might break easily as whole. A cracked glass or a torn chip are arguably worth than a small scratch at the device frame. This is all very speculative, but I would like to see some objective test results before I buy it.

  19. JUMP23MΔN says:

    Flo, as much as I like the pixel it's far from perfect. No waterproofing, dual stereo speakers, IR, wireless charging etc… I trust A. Ruben more than any of these current OEM's to make Android better!

  20. Sniper X says:

    did NSA make this? lol

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