Apasra Hongsakula Beauty never fades 1965 2014

Apasra Hongsakula (born in 1947 in Bangkok, Thailand; Thai: อาภัสรา หงสกุล, pronounced [āːpʰátrāː hǒŋsàkūn]) is a Thai beauty queen who has held the title Miss Universe 1965. She is the daughter of Group Captain “Perm” and Kayoon Hongsakula. She was the first woman from Thailand to win the Miss Universe crown.

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credit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apasra_Hongsakula
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7 Responses

  1. Amada Lopez says:

    Yo la veo señora no se ve igual q antes eso es falso

  2. Ronaldo Domingues says:

    According to a source, in an interview on
    the program  "The Morning
    News", Miss Universe 1965 would have spent $ 2 millions on plastic surgery
    procedures to stay young.

  3. Gonzalo Rosas says:

    1:10 siento que es su verdadero look, una mujer que luce como una MILF, algo como Bellucci supongo, la que sigue con el vestido azul y otras se me hacen un poco fotoshopeadas, ademas me imagino que su condición delgada y demas dan esa pinta de "no mames, tiene 67 años y parece de 20"

  4. 1980Fossy says:

    wedding invitación by jason farnham

  5. misuki kaname says:

    como se llama la melodia??

  6. Melissa Rosario says:

    She beautiful

  7. crusader rampage says:

    hello Im 81 years old.. my ultimate secret of not aging faster is to not be exposed into sunlight..

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