Berlin – Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin – Mercedes-Benz W 08 460 Nürburg

Berlin – Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin – Mercedes-Benz W 08 460 Nürburg
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Image by Daniel Mennerich
The Mercedes-Benz Nürburg 460 was introduced in Autumn 1928, Mercedes-Benz’s first eight-cylinder passenger car. Designated model W 08 was by the factory, it remained in production with various modifications and upgrades until the later summer of 1939, the longest lived Mercedes-Benz model of the 1920s and 1930s.

For 1929 the company’s first eight-cylinder model was extensively reworked by the newly appointed Technical Director Hans Nibel.[9] The result was a car with a modern “underslung” chassis whereby the longitudinal chassis beams were located below axel height. This made it easier for people to step into the car as well as allowing for a range of lower and more elegant car bodies to be fitted. The 3,670 mm (144 in) wheelbase was unchanged, however.

The engine and most other technical details were carried over unchanged from the 1928 car including the ratios chosen for the four speed manual transmission. Synchromesh was not included at this stage. A newly available transmission option for 1929 was an additional “overdrive” ratio.

A shorter, if still substantial 3,430 mm (135 in) wheelbase version was available from 1931 for two door cabriolet body work, although as far as is known Mercedes-Benz themselves offered no “standard Sindelfingen built" body of their own for this shorter chassis. The standard bodies offered for the standard wheelbase 1929 cars covered the same possibilities as the 1928 body range. It is clear from surviving examples that many customers preferred to buy the car in base chassis form and have a bespoke body added by an independent coachbuilder, however.

Despite the extensive makeover applied in 1929 the Mercedes-Benz W08 was still comfortably outsold by the Horch 8 which evidently was well entrenched at the top end of the German passenger car market at this time, and which in most body configurations was a little less overwhelmingly expensive than the eight cylinder contender from Mercedes-Benz. On the other hand, with this model Mercedes were able to ensure that the market place dominance of the big Horch was no longer completely unchallenged.[15]

A Mercedes-Benz Nürburg 460 was gifted to the Pope in 1930.

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