Billy Bob Thornton was a Terrible Student

Billy talks about his daughter being homeschooled and he reveals that he was not a great student when he was growing up.

Lie Witness News – First Lady Debate Edition

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Billy Bob Thornton was a Terrible Student

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20 Responses

  1. Keyser Söze says:

    Lorne Malvo???

  2. Kitten says:

    Sounds like Malvo doing an interview

  3. Brandi Dane says:

    God prevails over everything and everyone yet why let your wife wear the pants in the family? Speaking of pants you first says "hello" and "no" not like some people think yet it was a "kids will be kids" type thing and yes Bee as well got caught "playing" doctor, and yes home schooled kids do become "creepy people" if they all become "socially retarded" He'll I don't know just I don't want my or our kids weird that's all!! Christ what now! (Smiling) the time has come and she'll get hers too the "attention whore" of an ex yet it's only God who has the "last say" welcome to "Judgment Day", Oh and one last thing please give "pretty boy" the memo he's going down hill real quick for those girls who used to chase him ( you know the only kind that he likes) well now he's too old and washed up! (Smiling) like the "song" goes what comes around goes around…. Oh I Bee pray for you to have a nice day – amen

  4. Brittany Ring says:

    I feel the same way about algebra, and my algebra teacher hated me too. Lol

  5. SwampBilly Swamp says:

    Pin Pineapple Apple Pen!

  6. maciej wrotek says:

    what would we do without artists 🙂 adding letters,, so funny

  7. maciej wrotek says:

    he looks like sean connery

  8. E T says:

    People who claim they don't understand basic algebra are usually just ignorant and don't want to even try understand it. Give me a day with Billy bob Thornton and I could explain it

  9. finisher489 says:

    "I didn't do the school part" – Like most college students.

  10. Bob P Malleck says:

    sling blade

  11. Michael John says:

    Lorne Malvo omg

  12. MrKilluminati123 says:

    His performance in Fargo was incredible

  13. MrStensnask says:

    I really don't get home schooling. That kind of sheltering can't be healthy for a kid. It's part of human nature to learn with one's peers. Sure, bullying and noise can be a problem but for most kids it isn't a big issue. And getting colds strengthens the immune system..! 🙂

  14. Scupacium says:

    why homeschool again? why homeschool? why?

  15. luvyou baby says:

    i wish i could have been home schooled, my life would have been much easier and happy. tho i wonder how his daughter gets to meet new friends

  16. Chabert Garmin says:

    billy bob doesn't understand variables.

  17. ChaoticMatters says:

    I think algebra is so easy. Everyone messes it up cause they try to make sense out of it. If you just memorize without thinking about it it's easy

  18. ChaoticMatters says:

    He reminds me of Burt Reynolds

  19. Wambicho Mwangi says:

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  20. Don Draper says:

    Wow he dresses really bad. Also l was expecting to go mental on jimmy. If you dont know what lm referring to, look up this guy on youtube. He goes mental on interviewers quite often.

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