Buying a used Audi A4 – The Which? one minute guide

Used Audi A4 – The Which? one minute guide. Get the full guide at where we give you all the info you need about buying a used Audi A4.
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11 Responses

  1. Cody Peters says:

    boooo hiss you suck you jackass

  2. Fabio Lima says:

    fuck the a4. my rs4 is the shitt

  3. chris cargle says:

    Useless video.

  4. Kevin MacNutt says:

    I owned an A4 and as it got older, it got really expensive to the point that the cost of repairs exceeded the value of the car. So my advice for buying an used Audi? Don't (unless there is some warranty left).

  5. LostMind says:

    Literally has nothing to do with buying a USED one…. Waste of time, enjoy your downvote.

  6. Ben R says:

    Bloody useless video. No guide, no information terrible!

  7. Wayne Gilliotti says:

    This is a video to slam the Audi A4…thats all I got out of this, trunk is small…not as fun to drive as a bmw, and it looks boring, perhaps re title the video don't buy a boring Audi and get a BMW instead, save the rest of us time clicking on it.

  8. classeyplassey1 says:


  9. lotsoffun says:

    this is useless. no information on what to look for in a used audi

  10. Alex Cheetah says:

    @00kirbyd Seriously??

  11. Dave K says:

    Why would anyone want a common badge on an average looking, not too practical small saloon car, which is usually driven by self obsessed ignorant drivers who tailgate everyone.

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