Chalcedonian and Coptic Orthodox; history, similarities, and differences

Discussion from Fr. Antony Paul explaining the history, similarities and differences between us and the Chalcedonian Churches, then and now.
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14 Responses

  1. Robert James says:

    I learned so much from this!

  2. Judith Sanchez says:

    I not a Protestant only I am not very happy with this pope. There no such thing as a liberal Catholic, the ancient Eastern Orthodox. Only is the apostolic teaching and laws of the councils. If the Roman church goes apostate and run for orthodoxi.

  3. sfappetrupavelandrei says:

    I'm an Eastern Orthodox christian and recently I started to find these videos. I found also a video about the Great Schism between the Orthodox and Catholic Church. It is sad how the devil was able to break Christ's Church.

  4. Judith Sanchez says:

    as a Catholic I am impressed, regarding the councils calcedonia and others council of ancient Christianity. I pray for our brothers and sisters of protestant church come back to the Apostolic faith.

  5. Oliver Loi says:

    Outstanding presentation!

  6. Wade Fahnestock says:

    Thanks for sharing!! Peace be with you!
    Fr. Wade+
    Lakeland, FL

  7. Edward Franks says:

    Lovely talk and so well put. Theosis is not to become God but being divinized or made immortal.

  8. Wade Fahnestock says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Fr Gabriel Yassa says:

    Yes Outstanding…thank you Father

  10. Daniel Smith says:

    Simply Outstanding. Perfect Birds Eye view.

  11. Peter Dawoud says:

    Really enjoyed the talk Abouna AP! Well thought out and presented and really illustrated the root issues at play. The best we can do is pray for unity and as you say, threat the matter with humility and love.

  12. Mina Soliman says:

    Thanks for this Fr. Antony. I think this is important for people to listen, to get a sense without the worry of being polemical why we believe what we believe, that is what is "our side", while at the same time desiring unity based on Orthodoxy and not mere persons or politics.

  13. Evan Kards says:

    Thanks so much for such a lovely talk. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  14. Victor Weis says:

    Great talk. Thanks!

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