Change your look in an instant with wigs!

ONE WOMAN… THREE LOOKS! Change your look in an instant with wigs! Style is what you make it… Your hair can transform you. More details @

See how easily your look can change to match your attitude. Start with your hair to elevate your spirit and style.

The wigs featured in this video are:

0:05 – Winner Elite by Raquel Welch:
0:06 – Julianne by Jon Renau:
0:07 – PLF 006HM by Louis Ferre:

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4 Responses

  1. Joan Boes says:

    well done, well done !!! Love the model ~

  2. Katherine S says:

    What wigs are these?

  3. DawnStamp erOfApproval says:

    Super cute!!! that should be running on tv

  4. Chico Cantu says:


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