Chris Martin & Conan Sing “Yellow” In Bad Cockney Accents – CONAN on TBS

Chris got a lousy part in “My Fair Lady” as a student, but Conan lets him unleash his inner Eliza Doolittle.

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20 Responses

  1. sarina / 011 says:


  2. Raja Zidi says:

    chris martin looks like Vincent van gogh

  3. adam sarzen says:

    how can anyone be so cool

  4. Ben Mitchell says:

    Coldplay + cockney = cockplay

  5. missisfreddiemercury says:

    after seeing Chris Martin in so many interviews, I finally can confirm that it is definitely possible to fall in love with someone whom you have never met. He is such a sweet guy.

  6. Amin Anjri says:

    I want something just like this .. down to earth really

  7. PatraAlexandria says:

    Conan ruined it.

  8. Atlantis Hanım says:

    this is hilarious!!

  9. Eugene Starchak says:

    Country guys so easy going

  10. karan rajpurohit says:

    Interesting thing i've noticed is that chris martin videos always have high comment likeS!! Everyone Feels want to say someting !

  11. Darioracr says:

    Ew. That was pre recorded and fake.  Makes it stupid

  12. Podeipei's Moderator says:

    rip Chris Martin old hair

  13. Claire Sun says:

    Every words come from Chirs' mouth become beautiful 😍😍😍

  14. Driver says:

    Chris talks like he is autistic

  15. BrainJam says:

    I have a test tomorrow, wtf.

  16. Slinky Doge says:

    damn real musician. No autotune. Real f*cking talent, no need to sexualize anything, and he is so humble. 10/10 would bang conan

  17. Gracieli Ambrósio says:

    so, no interview is spontaneous , they knew they were use that hat

  18. Surigen 12 says:

    I genuinely think Chris is the nicest, most humble and lovable star I've ever seen on tv… He looks like he is such a nice human being for christs sake…

  19. mark loria says:

    i found myself smiling. damn haha

  20. Jesse Hendriks says:

    Coldplay with a cockney accent. Cockplay.

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