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Answers to frequently submitted questions about the new DJI Spark.
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20 Responses

  1. Tom's Tech Time says:

    Hey drone pilots,
    please support my work for free: purchase your future drones and accessories through the following affiliate link of mine. You won’t pay an extra dollar, but I will get a small commission and can therefore keep up the work. DJI Store Purchases:
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    Thank you, stay tuned and fly safe.

  2. JUDALUCI says:

    Hi all,
    I have question about Quickshot that I hope sb can shed some light on it.
    As I am using phone wifi to control Spark, we all know the limit is 100m distance and 50m high with phone wifi (So DJI say).
    However, I notice in the quickshot mode, Spark is pre-programmed to go out of that range. Dronie for example, my flight record shows if flyback 220m from me (which obviously out of my wifi range). My question is, could there be a possibility that during quickshot progress, Spark got issue, and since it is out of your wifi range, you cannot regain control and lost it?
    Until now, I only dare trying dronie, never dare trying full cycle of Helix, I always stop in the middle when seeing it flying too far away from me. Thanks.

  3. Xellos Metallium says:

    DJI GO 4.0 is out! do they have find my drone for a spark?

  4. RAWKUS tv says:

    Coolest drone ever.

  5. aramisaviation says:

    Will it record audio from the controller, the same as the Mavic?

  6. Sammy Fuentes says:

    Hi my name is Sammy and I want to asked you I just buy me a DJI mavic pro and I was flying and it sent me a masage that says aircraft sone D be careful and I get it down coz I really don't know what it means if you know what sone D means please help me . Thanks

  7. Tatyn Kiraly says:

    so I have a quick question for you Tom I'm getting my goggles today for my mavic and the spark should be shipping out next week.. I know you have to use the HDMI cord to the goggles and to the Drone but can you use your phone as well like you can the mavic have you tried it with the goggles please explain how you link them up explain thank you

  8. zero poleski says:

    Spark compatible with the dji goggles? Nope!! What a shame!!

  9. Burarayans WORLDS Tech,Gadget,DIY Blogs says:

    Do the spark as a ligthbrige

  10. The Everyday Dad says:

    The Spark looks like such an amazing piece of technology. I'm seriously considering selling my Mavic to get one, I really like the portability and hands free nature of it. I only shoot in 1080p so I don't think I'd lose too much functionality. Thanks for the continued Spark coverage!

  11. Cravenfan says:

    Tom, great review as always, can you go from palm launch, to controlling using your phone, then back to palm control for landing?

  12. Hatcher Price says:

    I still haven't gotten a good answer on whether or not I want a spark, phantom 3 or Mavic….. right now I have the phantom 1 and have been wanting to upgrade for a LONG time. I had the phantom 3 in my cart about to buy it and then I considered the go pro Karma because I would get a grip with it. At this point I was set on the go pro drone and then DJi released the spark. I have no use for any of them other than a hobby. ALTHOUGH when I say that I do want the best quality and best performing out of these. I want to make sure I get my money's worth. Because after this drone purchase, I won't be getting another for a while…..

  13. Osvaldo Cintron says:

    Sweet info. 👍🏼

  14. James Lovell says:

    I think DJI made a big mistake here. If the Spark was compatible with the Mavic controller a very high percentage of Mavic owners would buy a Spark too.

  15. kevin park says:

    It comes with a remote controller.

  16. Eduardo Mueses says:

    You say "Basically" a lot… constructive criticism. Great video! Thank you so much for answering most of my questions.

  17. corpablo says:

    there is couple questions has been around my head when spark came out . thanks Tom you answered very well

  18. ecf08 says:

    Correct me if I am wrong. The camera sensor of spark and mavic looks the same to me. I would like to think that reason for 1080P is due to some digital stabilization on spark to compensate for the missing axis in the gimbal. But in that case, why did'nt they go to 2.7K output resolution at least? Seems to me its possible at 2.7K without removing digital stabilization. If my assumption is true, then the true reason they go to 1080P is because they dont want to lose some market share with Mavic (which you mentioned)…

  19. Lem Fillyaw says:

    how close can you get for the Active track. Let's say I want to track myself in a profile. Can I have it follow me a couple of feet away?

  20. James Lovell says:

    Wait! What? ……The Spark uses only Wi-Fi?…….Wi-Fi is good for 1.2 Miles? Now I'm really confused.

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