Doctor Strange Villain BARON MORDO Explained (The Dan Cave w/ Dan Casey)

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We know Baron Mordo will be played by Chiwetel Eljiofor, but how much do you know about his character? Dan details Baron Mordo’s origin on this week’s Dan Cave.

Are you excited about Baron Mordo? Like the casting choice? Talk about it in the comments!

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20 Responses

  1. Dee Oliver says:

    So Mordo can raise the dead, but can't find a magical cure for cancer?

  2. EJ Pgz says:

    Is he black in the comics?

  3. Tamaki742 says:

    Dan, it's VYcount. Not VEEScount. Idk it's French.

  4. The Dread lord says:

    Doesn't baron mordo have his own magical artifact

  5. No1important88 says:

    So the ancient one's a girl, and baron Mordo's a black. Thanks for utterly politicizing and corrupting my favorite marvel character. Transylvania is not in Africa dumbass fucks.

  6. Mr. Asshole says:

    Why is that nowadays in superhero films and TV Shows, they cast a black actor to play a supporting white character role? Let me drop a couple names:
    1. Michael B. Jordan – Johnny Storm
    2. Candice Patton – Iris West
    3. Laurence Fishburne – Perry White
    4. Mehcad Brooks – Jimmy Olsen
    5. Idris Elba – Heimdall
    6. Chiwetel Ejiofor – Baron Mordo

  7. Kurt Wong says:

    Marvel make Nightmare the villain in the Dr Strange movie

  8. n1hondude says:

    Buried in Brazil?! NICE! lol

  9. Blind7snow says:

    Well done!

  10. Jesse Ventura says:

    surprised i havent seen any +Nerdist G.o.T. coverage

  11. Liam Crossey says:

    Do Norman Osborn next! Just because lol

  12. TheSwamper says:

    I love this channel, and this is my favorite show on Nerdist.

  13. ChrisWearsAHat says:

    I would pay good money to see "Jurassic World War Xena: Warrior Princess."

  14. Jorge Soto says:

    I honestly knew little to nothing about Baron Mordo as I tend to be more of a DC guy.  But with this character video am super confused.  The German aspect of the character seem to be a pretty big thing why cast Chiwetel Elijofor?  I honestly would have loved him to be an older black panther or perhaps his father or uncle holding the mantle till T'Challa came of age or claimed his thrown.  I am all for open casting example I think Michael B. Jordan will make a great Johnny Storm since race doesn't define that character.   I hope am wrong and he plays a good villain and the movie adds to the Marvel cinematic universe, personally I was hoping he would play John Stewart but now I can only hope for Idris Alba to fill that role.

  15. Asiago In plain sight says:

    Diddily squat means Baron Mordo to me

  16. Jakob Rodriguez says:

    Falcon Explained?

  17. Swordfish says:

    00:25 for awesome, cheezy effect, you should start saying that's a Dan shame, like you Dan are shaming on people who don't know but will help them learn great new things and become better people.

  18. Ariel páez says:

    Man, I sure wish Jurassic World War Xena: Warrior Princess was a thing.

  19. geigertron3000 says:

    Yarn Barn?

  20. Lantern Of Gallifrey says:

    I would love to hear about Doctor Fate.

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