DOMINIC SOLANKE | Vitesse Arnhem FC | 2015/2016

Dominic Solanke Vitesse 14.09.1997 England
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7 Responses

  1. Wig Peeler Man says:

    What is the DnB track called in this video

  2. Curro Jiménez says:

    come to Granada!!!

  3. ChelseaFCMario says:

    not worth 50k per week!!… needs to work harder and get into the team.Right now Tammy is ahead of him IMO

  4. Thames Wangpatravanich says:

    tammy seem better though

  5. Zachary Erwin says:

    he is going to be a henry

  6. Keelan Johnson says:

    he will fail. unless he leaves Chelsea

  7. AMN10HD says:

    Great talent!!!

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