Emma Stone and Sienna Miller Compare “Cabaret” Catastrophes – The Graham Norton Show

“When you talk about “Cabaret,” it just sounds like a litany of disasters!”

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16 Responses

  1. Robert Plaster says:

    What a coincidence, I also have the worst eyesight of anyone I have ever met.

    I bet mine are worse, considering what some people consider bad.

  2. lucy girl says:

    I could watch these Graham Norton clips ALL day…oh wait, I have been….

  3. Thomas Partin says:

    Emma Stone sounds like a professional train wreck while making movies.

  4. Roberto Richardson says:

    Emma Stone= Talented goddess! She REALLY can do anything:-) A national treasure

  5. Regan MacNeil says:

    Emma Stone makes me wonder if I might be bi.

  6. xsammyx101x says:

    love how she was talking just to emma throughout

  7. misskit123 says:

    Cabaret closed THREE DAYS before I got to New York, and it is probably my biggest theatre-related regret that I missed it. I fall a little bit more in love with Emma Stone with every interview clip I watch!

  8. Roy Batty says:

    Sienna won.

  9. Ben Rollman says:

    I was in a college show and there was supposed to be a fake punch and the guy actually hit me and split my eyebrow open. Bit woozy after that.

  10. anrina says:

    I got to see Sierra Miller in this… I gasped so loudly right with the audience when she started her story lol omg…

  11. Freddy De La Torre says:

    Emma Stone is so beautiful it's unreal

  12. Yellow King says:

    Emma is delightfully awkward.

  13. Ajay Kumar says:

    That's because of those GREEN EYES.

  14. Br0th3r7 says:

    This woman is crazy. I love her.

  15. Ramone Cricket says:

    Audience are a bunch of little sissies.

  16. Tardisius says:

    Why doesn't Emma get the Lasic fix ? =)

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