Everything You Need to Know About Dropbox

Dropbox sets the standard for online file-sharing and backup apps. It works on every platform, and every type of device.
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I get some free space then!
In this video I show you, pretty much everything you need to know about Dropbox! At least enough to get started.

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20 Responses

  1. David habtegiorgis says:

    is it possible to send files abroad having apple device

  2. Bryan Cook says:


  3. AlexanderJohn Sutherland says:

    THANKYOU your a good TEACHER STEVE :-))

  4. Mostafa Muzahim says:

    you can sign up dropbox here

  5. Ellen says:

    watch out if you leave your drop box open, if you get a virus and your dropbox is open it will infect your drop box files.  only way to avoid is to keep drop box closed and not left open 24/7.

  6. LE R says:

    Thank you. Regarding it always keeping the most current version, are there options to access earlier versions should the need arise?

  7. Carl Frost says:

    this video is to low

  8. Nonde Menai says:

    you teach really well! Thank you so much for this

  9. Wizdomtrek says:

    Question : K so I'm LEEEEANING (like almost there) towards Google Drive consequential to the fact all my uploaded videos can be viewed online regardless of duration (unlike Amazons Cloud Service which limits video files to 20 minutes); k so my question is seeing as this is my PRIMARY (only) CONSIDERATION re a platform (being able to watch in totality uploaded video files) what platform would you recommend?
    Google Drive?
    Amazon Cloud Service?

    Am I missing any cloud data service providers?

  10. dincer kurnaz says:

    https://quictransfer.com Newest way to #share big size #files @quictransfer need #startup 🚀🦄

  11. dennis sare says:

    is guy speaks too fast and why would I want to watch him speak? See how he uploads a file – wham bang it's gone – USELESS

  12. Thanh Vương Lương says:

    Join now and get 500mb free storage from: https://db.tt/Evg0ChAS

  13. Vincent Melouney says:

    Thanks Steve, your Tutorial helped me a lot.

  14. Hassan Hussein says:


  15. Not A Doctor says:

    So I can save anything in drop box? like once I put it there and deleted the file in my device it will still be there?

  16. Skylightatdusk says:

    HI, does this mean I must have 2 copies of the same file on my computer like 1) in a folder named something that makes it easy to find and 2) copies paste latest versions in a Dropbox folder?
    … or can / should I put only 1 copy of the folder in DropBox and work on them from there with no other copies?
    Thanks in advance for clarifying.

  17. Faton Krasniqi says:

    https://db.tt/ymjS12Si earn 500mb

  18. America Construction & Flooring says:

    great video thanks

  19. Mohamed Hameedi says:

    Hello Steve hope u doing well. pls let me know how I transfer my files specially pictures from my dropbox to USB flash memory, I am using Android tablet.

  20. William Dohar says:

    Can I and a collaborator be working on the same document in Dropbox at the same time? I know in the past, we've ended up with "conflicted" copies of the document and we'd like to avoid that in the future. Thanks for your good work!

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