Fact Check: President Trump’s Exit From The Paris Climate Accord | The New York Times

President Trump is pulling the United States out of the Paris climate accord. The New York Times checks his claims about what the agreement really does.

Read the story here: http://nyti.ms/2rLd5Um

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Fact Check: President Trump’s Exit From The Paris Climate Accord | The New York Times
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20 Responses

  1. Mike Baxter says:

    I now use the New York Times as toilet paper. Feels so good to know it's being put to good use.😁😂 Thank God for Trump, otherwise we would probably be in a world war with Russia and North Korea if Hillary was president.

  2. Arachnoscribe says:

    It was deemed unnecessary by the Obama administration to pursue codification of the Paris Accord through the U.S. Senate.

    Allow POTUS to chart the course of our nation without input from the electorate? That's not who we are.

  3. Jacob Wilson says:

    Very Fake News – confirmed by James Comey

  4. symbiot3O says:

    Exposed! Fake News by Comey himself.

  5. symbiot3O says:

    Exposed! Fake News by Comey himself. Lol!

  6. symbiot3O says:

    Exposed! Fake News by Comey himself. Lol!

  7. Steve Norris says:

    Besides COMEY saying Under Oath that the NYT is #FakeNews, after the hearing the Washington Post and CNN BOTH put out articles saying the exact SAME, that the NYT IS TOTALLY FALSE NEWS!!!!!

  8. Steve Norris says:

    And When you Disable the Comments on That Video, it ONLY ADDS TO THE GUILT!!! Lmbo NYT is CRAP 💩

  9. truth BEHOLD says:

    America is a international joke with trump as president, wake up USA citizens and eradicate this clown.

  10. M Amazing says:

    Where can I find all the contents and the clauses of the Paris Agreement?
    Someone said that under the agreement, US has to pay lots of money to the developing countries every year, is it true?

    What is the reason for New York Times to calculate the co2 per capita instead of the total amount ? Is it unfair to those countries with small population?
    Does New York Times consider that some company such as Apple, google and Elon Musk were investing in the clean energy?

  11. Sergio Franco says:

    I wish more people would watch this

  12. Edson Lazaroto says:

    Maiden im Brasil ok!

  13. FAEL 1 says:

    We should not be in any agreement first of all, congress should pass any deal like that not the President like obaba did. F*** those agreements, I do not my taxes to pay BS like that.

  14. Boomerreject says:

    The New York Times=Fake News

  15. palo says:

    I like this. Can you guys do real-time citations in your other stories too? I'm guessing it's harder but its really useful.

  16. Gold Sun says:

    Trump could lead to ww3.
    "U laugh at us? USA will nuke you"

  17. LouieRockz says:

    Trump is not adequate for the job, we can all agree on that. But aside from that, are you doing your part? Do you cut back on driving? Take short showers? Eat less meat? Probably not.

  18. Sonn Ikdoh says:

    Here's the deal: The population of the world that is scared of Free Market Capitalism (because you actually have to work, and provide a service or product that others want to buy, or the ones that have become successful want Government to close the door behind them, members only style) has tried for decades to diminish, undermine, and devalue free market Capitalism to little or no effect. Mainly due to the facts and reality that there (as of now) is no better way. Ah…. but lo and behold they found a way to make the success of free market Capitalism actually look bad (to ignorant uneducated people). Climate change. Yes, producing products that help all of man kind. An economic system that has brought more people out of poverty than any other system in history. A system that thrives off of innovation and creativity, the same innovation and creativity we need to support to invent the next new thing to hurl the human race forward in advancement and technology. A system that they are now blaming is the cause of Natural climate change. This is their golden arrow. If you deny it, you hate the earth. Brilliant….absolutely brilliant. Golf clap for the Liberals and Hollywood Elite, bravo……bravo.

  19. J B says:

    Lies and more lies. He is becoming irrelevant and will be gone soon

  20. Delovely 1 says:

    Awesome format…too bad trump supporters are too thick to believe facts.

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