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  1. Sound613Wave says:

    I think it would've been awkward as hell if Belloc threw Duncan in the lava and he didn't come out

  2. Jackson Bauld says:

    #dunkin as new Donald Trump

  3. mmonx12 Kosar says:

    how did a dragon and human make baby dragon has 120 ft dick

  4. Maddline Hatter says:

    38:40 SO MANNY QUESTIONS!!!!!!

  5. Alex Mercier says:


  6. Douglas Family says:

    He should have found out how he was made at 38:32, now I'm DYING TO KNOW (-.-) SHE EVEN SAID IT WAS SIMPLE!!! BUT HOW???!!!???

  7. τhε βεαsτ says:

    he kinda reminds me of natsu from fairytail

  8. WeptMacroon says:

    I really thought that this would become a TV show

  9. ShombiFox says:

    lol it looks like duncan went super saiyan

  10. Jack Starlord says:

    did anyone notice his skin looks like lizard skin

  11. Roger Roodzant says:

    I seen this before but it sounds like it's slowed down a bit .

  12. Sadedric Freeman says:

    Best movie in history

  13. PeaceKeeper101 says:

    1:09:38 he smelled the pussy a mile away 😂😂

  14. ShombiFox says:

    how tf did they make him

  15. Shrek Wasouski says:

    how did that big ass dragon dick (no homo) fit into that Tiny skinny ant

  16. Fabujay Phillips says:

    lol that monster must of had a big one

  17. The Gaming Purge says:

    I thought Godzilla was the King of Kaiju….

    Edit: Btw, The son/daughter of a Kaiju and a Human is made by combining genes of both parents, in other words not sex.

    P.S:I made this up ._. but at least it explains a lot.

    P.P.S: I didn't make up the part about Godzilla being the King of Kaiju.

  18. Benidu GAMe says:

    How did his monster dick fit in her tiny ass human vagina?

  19. type gamer says:

    I love this movie

  20. SSJ Blue GOKU says:

    cool I really love it

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