Fort Lauderdale Spring Break in Florida – 2017

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FIght starts at 12:00

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11 Responses

  1. LuckyNewb says:

    Omg I was there. This is the best video I've seen of spring break

  2. Andrés Patiño says:

    cool vid!

  3. Son Ero says:

    Cool ….. u guys did it right … everyone friendly … nice kids …

  4. Alan Polasky says:

    Fail   Spring Break  in Ft Laud  has Been OVER  since the 1980s

  5. dajone averett says:

    Tevon grimes at 6:17

  6. skmydkyafag says:

    Fort laud beach is awesome

  7. BigSharkk says:

    Great Vid !..This coming from a 1980-81 spring breaker. 80 was Lauderdale and 81 was Daytona. We had our stupid fun, never put anyone at risk, and still to this day we talk about it. Keep safe, make sure your REAL friends have your back while your down there, and hopefully the simpletons that pull the most idiotic stunts, don't spoil it for the rest of you. Spring Break..ah the memories..Party on my friends

  8. nikittoo1 says:

    When I used go to spring break was to hook up with girls not walking around with a snake and waste time.

  9. LilC2000 says:

    That's a nice beach…

  10. LuckyNewb says:

    I'm the guy in the video with the snake !

  11. Morgan laign says:

    Haha when you make the video!👌

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