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  1. ẍ̤Ẍ̤S̤̈ḧ̤ÿ̤Ï̤c̤̈ë̤Ẍ̤ẍ̤ Covers, Gaming, and M̤̈ö̤r̤̈ë̤! says:

    Sounds like she's using playback…

  2. Pou says:


  3. Danielle Isabelle says:

    My goodness the echoing is horrible. No wonder she could not hear a thing! You can nearly hear the song and the backup dancers!

  4. Kevin Lee Burns says:

    5:21 What the hell just happened!?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Ti-andibot Enang says:

    she is trash how the hell did she get 18 #1's

  6. Michelle Dozier-Slaton says:

    what happened??????

  7. Kayla James says:

    The funny thing is that she doesn't know the words to her own DAMN SONG

  8. Poke` Scan says:

    I feel like she's a lamb lost in her own concert. Seriously, what was she suppose to do?!? LOL

    Anyways, if it's Mariah, I'll always be happy with what she's doing bc I know that she's been having a difficult time throughout these past years.

    Also, Don't even say something bad about her like you know everything bc you don't!
    If you're truly a MC fan


  9. Aby says:


  10. Ric Thompson says:

    If they knew her "ear piece" was not working why didn't they just say she was attacked by sloths and can't make it.

  11. Mikayla Knouse says:

    I see all these videos comparing Ariana Grande to Mariah Carey and everyone saying how Mariah Carey is superior compared to Ariana. This video proves otherwise..

  12. Ame Glea says:

    I remember watching this on New Year's Eve thinking, WTF! I could tell she was lip syncing as soon as she came out. I heard some people say she "powered through it like a pro" PFFT, that's a crock! If she "powered through it" she would have started singing for real… not talking through it and making it obvious that she was blaming someone else.

  13. Andre Perry says:

    This just looks like her inner ear things that look like ear plugs weren't working. For those that don't know how they work. Those devices play the music in sync with what the audience hears and is broadcast through the devices right In the ears of the performer. This allows the performer to hear their own voice. If you cant hear the music playing without the inner ear or hear your own voice You lose pace with the song and you cant keep up with the music. In Michael Jackson's case (What Is Dead May Never Die) Michael grow up without inner ears so for him he learned to somehow work around it. As he stated in the J5 Portion of the "This is it" film the inner ears felt like a fist in his ear and that he never used them. That segment of the film looked a lot like this video. Michael was missing cues and looking like he forgot the lyrics before stating that he wasn't used to them.

  14. ice2crystals says:

    She wanted to lip sync but they gave her the instrumental. She really should sing live.

  15. Brandon from Kentucky says:

    She is so washed up!

  16. Brandon Taylor says:

    She had no problem, ti'll they played emotions,she was expecting the vocals to play, so she gave up when the vocals didn't come in! She wanted to lip sync the whole thing because she can't sing like she used to.

  17. Kacy Deyoe says:

    eminem probably laughing so hard

  18. bassclef06 says:

    This should have been a wake up call… stop the bull shit and stop lip syncing

  19. tangled55 says:

    I just don't believe she could not hear anything during this. I don't know what happened, but to say she can't hear just is not believable.

  20. Josh Calicho says:

    To people hating on this please look at her Beacon Theater performances. Her Las Vegas residency. Her Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour. Her Dubai Jazz Festival performances.. Can you honestly say that her voice is shot ? Hell no. From this ? Maybe. If you like every other uninformed ignorant who yearns for someone to hate. But if you honestly want to know Mariah. Look for her. She's there for everyone to see. She just doesn't care who sees it at this point. I mean, hell.. She hasn't even promoted her newest single and only performed it twice, so.. She's doing what she wants to do and isn't letting the mainstream corrupt her. You may say otherwise because of the ensembles and the songs with rappers, but whatever she does it totally Mariah. She has so started so many trends that people thinks she is following. It's not even funny at this point. She hasn't lost her legacy. She still has a voice that will slay even some current artists. The attacks against her should really be stopped. She's isn't running around like a child at all times like people swear she does. If you honestly want to judge someone know their entire story. Please. That's all I want to say. 😥

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