#Galaxy11: Full Movie – ( Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Rooney | Falcao | Gotze

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20 Responses

  1. ika iashvili says:

    i watched this when it came out when i had the samsung galaxy s5 and now i am still wathing in

  2. Roryfaukner He says:

    Why wasn't Neymar in

  3. Hamza Chawla says:

    Ronaldo and Messi are the best

  4. Sumit Padhi says:

    I think Goalkeeper should be neur or buffon

  5. Nadia Daskalova says:

    messi and ronaldo the rest average

  6. furkan oynuyor says:

    perfect macth

  7. Mücahit Şenel says:

    Tüylerim diken diken oldu yeminediyorum

  8. Ryan Palm says:

    The original 3-1 comeback

  9. Chris HD says:

    Who else is only watching this cuz of soccer

  10. Awesome Pokemon7 says:

    it was real or fake

  11. Erik Franco says:

    Would've been better with Ronaldo's Suuuuuuuuuiiiiiiii! celebration at the end.

  12. 1Samurai Baby says:

    Ronaldo and Messi… Has anyone here seen the clip ' The switch ' with the legend Cristiano Ronaldo?

  13. Sasa Mego says:

    i can't imagine football world without messi and ronaldo !! how could it be ?

  14. Jan Reynald Reyes says:

    I guess they didn't include Ronaldinho because the game will be over in a second

  15. Derp Derpington says:

    If it were to happen in these times ot would be


  16. Tuan Tran says:

    bọn người ngoài hành tinh dẫn bóng hơn múa ba lê

  17. Velkata says:

    Not everyone can have time to play in an ad like this.I wanted neymar but he probably didn't have so much time

  18. Haris Teparić says:

    where is ibrahimovic

  19. carole kiptum says:


  20. PRASHANT RAUT says:

    its good

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