Getting weird at the Dependable Drive In with ScareHouse cast

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ScareHouse cast members went to a Pittsburgh drive in this weekend. While waiting for Paranorman to start, someone found fake a head in their trunk. Things got weird.

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The ScareHouse, in Pittsburgh PA, is one of America’s Scariest Halloween Attractions (Travel Channel) – and named as one of the best haunted houses ever by USA Today, Forbes, Haunted Attraction magazine, Fangoria, Top Haunts, and others.

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6 Responses

  1. Alli Jackson says:

    Can't wait to turn 18. The first thing I'm doing is getting a job here.

  2. CarterBabay says:

    I feel so lucky and thankful to have a job working at scarehouse. It's like a huge family and it's just an incredible an fun atmosphere 🙂

  3. Cameron Lutz says:

    God, I want to work with them

  4. Claire Leslie says:

    What's more weird? What they did with the head, or the fact that someone had a fake head in their trunk ….

  5. The ScareHouse says:

    Thanks! And good luck!

  6. Toxien says:

    Brillant xD One of my biggest dreams is to work at the scarehouse… But I live in denmark. So a bit hard to get to Pittsburgh :/ Ah well. I'm inspired by you guys work. And I dream to one day make scarehouses a reality here in Denmark. :3

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