Happy New Year & Pasadena Rose Parade Jan,1. 2015

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  1. kathybrooks1963 says:

    awesome video. It was so nice to be able to see the parade from the ground without a couple of worthless talking heads in the way. Thank you

  2. Da Tube says:

    3:20 lady drops cotton candy on ground

  3. PatricktheHedgehog01 says:

    Wasn't there a disney float this year?

  4. Dani Moen says:

    When does Asu come, couldn't find them

  5. Rue Stahl says:

    Belated Happy New Year Everyone…!!!!

  6. jerome Williams says:

    i wish i was there

  7. Rozsa Simon says:

    very cool

  8. christopher espina says:

    so cool!!

  9. dc A says:

    I was there!

  10. WeDoCoolStuff says:

     When they cleaned the streets I was the only shit left behind.

  11. Axel Gonzalez says:
  12. Vidhushini J says:

    Thanks for your time and wonderful coverage. Appreciate it

  13. Jose Luis Ibarra says:

    Excelent video, do it again in 2016.

  14. NeTxGrl says:

    Thank you for this video. I felt as though I was there personally. My daughter's high school band marched in this parade. Round Rock High School.

  15. Ndi Ngere says:

    There seems to be a moron on the stands with a trumpet that plays a booo! sound.
    He is booing almost every float. I wish someone had gone over and told him to cut it.

  16. Ndi Ngere says:

    Thanks a lot for everything.

  17. Frank Lam says:

    Happy New Year

  18. JamesOblak says:

    Thanks for shooting and editing all that.

  19. Anh Hua says:


  20. Lost Vocals says:


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