History Of Firestorm!

History Of Firestorm!

Today on Variant Arris gives you the History of Firestorm! Plus see what comics you should buy this week!

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20 Responses

  1. Pokemanlucas says:

    I first ever liked firestorm when I found out that he can create kryptonite and love the character ever since

  2. Little Al says:

    Do history of blue beetle

  3. stoner4010 says:

    Firestorm SUCKS – He is the worse part of that Flash show. Starfire is better.

  4. Failure Lord says:

    The only reason I'm interested in him is Injustuce 2.

  5. Bleak Future says:

    that moment when you fuse with the guy that killed your girlfriend

  6. The Venombros says:

    Do a history of raven or beast boy

  7. #1Enigma says:

    So now there are two firestorms?

  8. Blastmaster 101 says:

    Most important can turn things into red jelly beans

  9. Aidan Killian says:

    Alternate Version of Firestorm

  10. Mr PopTart says:

    But Jason is red in the injustice 2 game when he is yellow in the comics. HUh?

  11. treyleonhart ! says:

    History of blue beetle?

  12. Eli Patterson says:

    Keep up the great videos!!!

  13. Justin Sawadski says:

    History of blue beetle please

  14. Mark Menensez says:

    History of static

  15. Fernando Salazar says:

    Nuclear energy doesNOT exist, just a lie created by humans who are control by Satan who is the devils doppelgänger who manipulated human cells to create this idea as a way to create more pollution, a revenge mechanism against man kind, humans are bad people.

  16. Nicholas Klein says:

    How in the world can you have a Firestorm video without mentioning killer Frost?

  17. Lucas Vernon says:

    History of blue beetle

  18. Tombocartoons says:

    so here's a question: why isn't Firestorm the prime target for supervillains to kidnap and make into a slave? I mean think about it: the dude can create gold out of anything and instantly make you rich! he can spontaneously create Kryptonite for your use against any Kryptonian! how about Nth metal? He can create that too! He's probably THE most useful person in the DC universe whose power can be easily harnessed by anybody with mind control or some sort of scientific trap to ensnare him.

  19. MysticBangz says:

    Came here from Wikipedia thinking I'd learned something new. Nope.

  20. Dakota Fuchs says:

    I'm here for injustice 2

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