Hugh Laurie speaks French

This show is spent in 2008 on NBC!

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20 Responses

  1. Tom Wotton says:

    and now we have a hung parliament

  2. RAKOTOZAFY Yannick says:

    Superb pronounciation.

  3. Kathryn Dabney says:

    Her face after "winnowing".

  4. thisisamessful says:

    i think if robert downey jr didn't exist Hugh laurie could play kirk lazarus

  5. oppaihammer 11 says:

    well he did go to Cambridge

  6. Terence Scott says:

    "…That has given the world Parliamentary Government, Shakespeare and half the Chunnel…" Forgot to include, Mirren and Laurie.

  7. Dyers88 says:

    lets talk about how goddamn sexy Dame Helen Mirren is

  8. Evan Derickson says:

    Was this ad-libbed?

  9. Ayame Williams says:

    I love them both <3

  10. lll ll says:

    wada dick xD

  11. TheGennen says:

    Winnowing is a great word.

  12. Jo Moody says:

    and he comes from one of the countries that has fucked up all the middle east. Thank you.
    Learn to keep your promises, England

  13. escalinci says:

    It's like I'm watching the eurovision.

  14. David Hughes says:

    After watching him for years on comedy shows it took a bit of getting used to seeing him on House using a US dialect, which was also done well.

  15. Alexander Hamm says:

    england copied parliamentary gouverment and law and order from Brothers de Witt from Dordrecht Netherlands.

  16. kickass monkey says:

    andre Brauer who won the emmy is actually house's therapist in house md

  17. R Ahmed says:

    Is there anything this man doesn't excel at?

  18. ABIN RAJ says:

    He's so perfect, its a crime.😎😎😎

  19. kimberly s says:

    why is he so talented? he's so handsome

  20. Think890 says:

    Favorite part…..helen miren tells him to read it properly …..Yes Dame

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