Image from page 64 of “Arctic zoology ..” (1784)

Image from page 64 of “Arctic zoology ..” (1784)
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Identifier: arcticzoology217851787penn
Title: Arctic zoology ..
Year: 1784 (1780s)
Authors: Pennant, Thomas, 1726-1798 Brown, P., ill Cordiner, Charles, 1746?-1794, ill Griffith, Moses, 1747-1819, ill Low, G., ill Paillore, P., ill Stubbs, George, 1724-1806, ill Maxell, Peter, engraver Mearns, Edgar Alexander, 1856-1916, former owner. DSI Dwight, Jonathan, 1858-1929, former owner. DSI Tucker, Marcia Brady, former owner. DSI Blackwell, Lambert, Sir, 1732-1801, former owner. DSI
Subjects: Zoology Zoology Birds Birds Animals
Publisher: London : Printed by Henry Hughs
Contributing Library: Smithsonian Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: Biodiversity Heritage Library

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Text Appearing Before Image:
tham, i. 149, N 38, N° 39 ; 150, N° 40.—Bl.Mus.—Lev. Mus. C With pale yellow irides: bill whitifh brown: head light brown,fpeckled with white : back, and coverts of the wings, and fca-pulars, of the fame color, marked in parts with white fpots : thebreaft whitifh, varied with ruft-color : tail barred with white, andmarked regularly on each web with circular white fpots: feet featheredto the claws. It varies in length, from eight to feven inches. Thefmalleft I have feen is from Nova Scotia; which has white circletsabout the eyes, and fewer white fpots on its plumage.Place. Inhabits from EudJorCs Bay to New York. Called by the natives of the firft, Shipmojpjh. Lives in all feafons among the pines: buildsits neft half way up the tree : lays two eggs. Are moft folitary birds.Keep clofe in their retreat the whole day; but are moft adivemoufers during night. Frequent in Ruffia ; lefs fo in Sibiria. * Extraiis, ii. 142. t BrunnkJi, N 19. ScANaij •;*. SCANDINAVIAN, AND TAWNY OWL. 237

Text Appearing After Image:
* E A R E D. A. Scandinavian Eared Owl, Strix Scandiaca, Faun. Suec. N° 70.—Latham , 120. C With the plumage entirely white, fprinkled with black fpots. Size of a Turky : in all refpefts like the Snowy Owl, except Size, the ears. Inhabits the Z,«p/ecks ; but its exillenceis confirmed by Mi^ ^omjing of Drontheim *. , **EARLESS^. B. Tawny Owl, Br. Zml. i, N° 68.—Latham, i. ijg. Strix Stridnla, SkrikUggla, Faun. Suec, N yj.—Pl. Enl. 437.—Lev. Mus. C With a plain head : dufky irides : plumage of the head, and thewhole upper part of the body, tawny, fpotted and powderedwith dufky fpots: hreaft and belly yellowifh, mixed with white,marked downward with dufky ftreaks: tail blotched, barred, andfpotted with pale rufh-color and black : toes feathered to the claws.Weight nineteen ounces. Inhabits ^aro/)^, as far as <?wf^f». Frequent in the fouth of iJz{^(7, Placs. and

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