Isabelle Huppert Is The French Meryl Streep

Isabelle Huppert put down her recent Golden Globe long enough to chat with Stephen about her movie ‘Elle,’ and her history of taking particularly French parts.

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20 Responses

  1. Dancerama6 says:

    Acting like he's never met a French person before

  2. Lady Galadriel says:

    I'm a huge Meryl Streep fan but Isabelle Huppert is her own actress. She doesn't need to be called "The MS of France." They're both very talented and personally, I think Isabelle looks far more beautiful than Meryl.

  3. Leo Trainor says:

    streep is not in Huppert's league.

  4. Mariano Felan says:

    Why do the French always come off as Miserable/ Agitated?

  5. Julio Santiago says:

    At some point if you know this woman's work, you can say that Isabelle Huppert is probably not from this world. Something you can not say about Ms. Streep.

  6. 1707more says:

    America is a continent dump

  7. z delany says:

    I don't know this lady but she appears to take the comparison to Meryl Streep as a complement . Which I am sure it was meant as . So isn't sad that people in this thread seem to find it needed to leap to her defence as if it was a great insult if you are truly a fan of this lady maybe take a que from her elegance and class . She is complimented and in fact returns a compliment to Meryl Streep. A couple a classly ladies in this ever sinking world

  8. AussieMan says:

    I was surprised to hear Isabelle could speak English, because I saw her in Things To Come where she was basically speaking the greatest portion of dialogue in French and then there came one bit where she spoke a bit of English to someone who was already talking in English.

  9. Geoffrey Pédebidau says:

    The question I would have asked in response to his stupid question is: Do(es) America(ns) want to be France/French?

  10. Carissa Monta says:

    This interview is so cute. Isabelle Huppert is just beguiling and cute, non ?

  11. RAKOTOZAFY Yannick says:

    It's obvious how French actors are not very relaxed on American tv, the hosts always speak a lot. On French tv, the host asks questions and waits for the answers, they don't use to do jokes on their own.

  12. Blue Indie says:

    Isabelle Huppert the french Meryl Streep lol… Non quand même pas.

  13. tatun65 says:

    I love her..She is a phenomenal actress and a lovely lady..

  14. Ten et demi says:

    No. Meryl Streep can't act like Huppert. No one can. This has nothing to do about Streep, i love her but Isabelle Huppert is the only actress in the world who can work anything.

  15. DevilMaskMedia says:

    I think Huppert is braver than Streep with her film choices.

  16. Soeur Marie-Shirley de la Sainte Pénétration says:

    faut pas exagérer!

  17. kismetau says:

    Why did he have to give out part of the plot at 4:00 – not happy! Should come with a spoiler alert! Am not finishing watching this until l wqtch the movie now !!

  18. folladordeprostis says:

    She is a hot MILF

  19. Galacticpurveyor says:

    Meryl Streep is the American Huppert.

  20. Tigran Karapetyan says:

    Stephen's approach to his European guests is very disappointing and offensive for the guests. I love Isabelle, I was blown away by her performance in Elle. I love Emma Stone, but she deserved the Oscar as well! What about Meryl Streep, they are both absolutely amazing, there's no need to be offensive to Meryl.

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