lester explains the dutch rudder

very funny scene from Zack and Miri make a porno. Lester the molester Cockenstuff explains both the dutch and double dutch rudder to Zack.
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20 Responses

  1. Pie says:

    I hate that this scene was hot to me. Gawd, I'm gay as hell.

  2. Emgee78 says:

    LOL still my favorite scene.

  3. Jay Dog says:

    Would you do the double dutch rudder? with jason mewes of all people?

  4. Jenni Anchors says:

    Dude, Jason Mewes is HOT.

  5. CTDawg Townsend says:

    It's nice seeing Jason Mewes playing a nice guy and Seth Rogen film instead of seeing about is Jay from Jay and silent Bob.

  6. verywellthoughtover username says:

    I’m Dutch, the very first thing I thought seeing this was.. Jesus Christ.. I have try this once!

  7. Seth Winters says:

    I believe it was Silent Bob who came in the coffee shop to get some coffee during a sex scene

  8. das it mane says:

    1:09 Jay moment

  9. JazGalaxy says:

    holy crap. Mewes acting is so good in this scene! I haven't seen him in anything since Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

  10. Odawg Kizzack says:

    Jason doesn't look the same unless he's got long hair. :-/

  11. Mario Rodas says:

    It feels good, sir.

  12. JPMcFly1985Two #FeelTheBern says:

    I just realized Lester is Jay… I wonder if he and Silent Bob ever did this together? lol

  13. Kimberly Bloodworth says:

    Heard about it from a friend in jail got a lot of laughs out of it. But if you actually participate in it you're gay. Sorry dude your next step is put in your mouth

  14. Michael Weaselboy says:

    I just love this movie!!!!! 

  15. EnragedSephiroth says:

    Too many good parts in this movie.

  16. Jonatan Zerom says:

    This guy was on point in this movie, one of the funniest part right here haha

  17. woutert114 says:

    why are all things affiliated with the Dutch allways bad or weird or stupid or whatever. there is the Dutch Rudder which is not something I necessarily want to be affiliated with, then there is the term going Dutch (where you don't pay for your girlfriends meal or drink or whatever). furthermore I believe there is the term Dutch Oven (where you stick your bed-partners head under the sheats and fart……. And then the Dutch capital is known for legal drugs and prostitution!!!! I'm kinda not proud of my country like this. 

  18. shamsul faizal says:

    I'm gonna have this conversation with my buddy. Its not gay, we're touching each other's dick.

  19. ProfessorMatrix says:

    He explains it.

  20. Ben Culture says:

    I'm glad you recognize that I *wasn't* hating on Kevin Smith. A lot of people on YT are so friggin' hypersensitive. I love Kevin Smith as a filmmaker and all-around entertainer. You could do a lot worse than to be inspired by him and Tarantino. They're both excellent, and I am sure you're not the only up-and-comer who counts them among your biggest influences.
    I consider Dogma my favorite movie, y'know, if I have to pick a #1, I'll pick that.

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