Lionel Messi ● Top 10 Smart & Cheeky Plays | HD

Lionel Messi ● Top 10 Smart & Cheeky Plays | HD

Expect the unexpected when Messi is playing. Some smart & cheeky goals and moves from the best player in the world.

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20 Responses

  1. Wierd Whale Thing says:

    Lol my favourite one was when he took the freekick right after he got fouled

  2. %%mainplay%% says:

    nadie habla español aaaaaa

  3. Mohamed Asem says:

    Messi is the cheat code of any football game 😀 , if you have Messi in your team that's mean you have a superpower in your team.

  4. johnny langdon says:

    I don`t think that he is a king, I know he is the god (of football)

  5. delmi catalan says:


  6. Hà Bùi says:

    verry fuck

  7. Jack Grefiy says:

    it is smart but some of it isnt fair play

  8. Beto Rodriguez says:

    the video length is 433 coincidence i dont think so

  9. Erisss says:


  10. Chiku Sama says:

    messi is messi only he can do this

  11. Stavros V says:

    Messi being like "meh, that's not satisfying enough, I don't need penalties to be top scorer".

  12. Hamza Kayoka says:

    great vedio

  13. Christian Perez says:

    tht last one was a hat-trick too

  14. benjamin Toporowicz says:


  15. asd asd says:

    was the freekick or a foul without ref's signal allowed back then

  16. Pedro Apocalipse dos Games says:

    Ronaldo is the best

  17. Adolfo Reyes says:

    I hate the " lyft" and " YouTube music app " commercial so annoying

  18. new bie says:

    Cr7 is like Michael Jordan
    he got talent from training hard
    messi is born with talent
    that's why i love cr7 cuz hard work pays off

  19. Fewish Dellie says:

    wat an amazing mess make me to love looking soccer

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