Lionel Messi – The Lion | The Movie 1080p

A tribute to a legend, a story about a hero, and a big middle finger to the haters. Lionel Messi – The Lion.
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● Edited and produced by: Henrik Lehmann

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♫ Music:
#1 Zack Hemsey – Why (Instrumental)
#2 Hans Zimmer & Junkie XL – Do You Bleed?
#3 The Glitch Mob – Drive It Like You Stole It (Mixtape Version)

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20 Responses

  1. Henrik Lehmann says:

    I have been working with this project on and off for almost 4 months now, with the initial idea of it going all the way back to June last year, after listening to Ray Hudson’s inspiring speech which you can hear in the video. Its ending ”As in the jungle, there’s only one king – a Lion, a Lionel” inspired me and made me look for more lion references, all that I could find is in this video. I made it because I thought it was a cool and creative idea and because I have wanted to make a longer ”movie-styled” Messi video for a really long time. Furthermore, I wanted to show how Leo’s failures, especially those with his national team, doesn’t define him and shouldn’t affect his legacy in a negative way. And that no matter how dark things may look for him, he always comes back, stronger and more motivated than ever. The final part of the video has more of an attitude about it and is mainly directed at his haters, essentially telling them to sit the fuck down and enjoy greatness. There’s a quote that I think fits well: ”They see him walk on water and say it’s because he can’t swim.”

    I hope you will all enjoy it, I would definitely say it is my best video to date. However, after working on it for so long, it has become so normal for me, and I almost feel bored watching it haha. Anyways, leave a comment down below on your thoughts and I’ll see you soon with another video. Peace.

    – Henrik

  2. Oscar Portillo says:

    eres el mejor messi no te preocupes este es tu año para ganar el mundial

  3. Daniel Dani says:

    messi nr 1

  4. AN6 HD says:

    Here in June. So so good man. Deserves 1M+ views.

  5. Mexen Alexander says:

    messi is the best in the world and planet all the time

  6. The WI FI says:

    good work 10000 like. I like messi messi is great the hero but messi lose in 3 final

  7. F3 perfectionist says:

    Who's the commentator in 4:07

  8. EM10HD Football says:


  9. The RealFifaBoy says:

    The greatest Messi video i have ever seen

  10. BB freestylers Bb says:

    Messi is the father of c.ronaldo

  11. GusTi23 says:

    Soy del Madrid y me gusta mas Cristiano
    pero este video me encanto

  12. SA10 HD says:

    lion +el=Lionel, the El stands for "Everyday Legend".AH=Argentines Headleader. Messi +ah=messiah. please like this comment.

  13. Vaibhav Bora says:

    This is the best movie of Messi I have ever seen in my entire life!!!Thnx for making that…

  14. Messisterial - Fifa Goals and Skills says:



  15. hajime kindaichi says:

    Messi seriously need to see this clip. It definitely shows how much the world of football change because of him… He already above and beyond any football legends..

  16. Sahil Srivastava says:

    song starting at 7:05 please?

  17. Tandra Paul says:

    But ronalo is unstoppable

  18. Gabrielle Harahap says:

    what a movie…

  19. Randi Putra says:

    messi is dublicate maradona right

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