London Fire: 79 people presumed dead in Grenfell Tower fire- BBC News

79 people presumed dead in Grenfell Tower fire, police confirm; five have been formally identified

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20 Responses

  1. Kevin says:

    there are more

  2. Sofialovinglife says:

    Please let us stop with the racism !!! innocent babies and Children died have a heart !!!

  3. lidia fisher says:

    (A faulty fridge ‘started Grenfell fire’ tragedy) In a newly built and refurbished building here there should have at least one GFCI outlet (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) in every room, UK equivalent (residual-current circuit breaker) its a wall breaker outlet that stops faulty electrical appliances from getting more electricity. If you are not familiar with them; when you are in the hospital it is that plug that has a light on it and is mostly the only kind of electrical outlet in your hospital room. So one safety electrical plug could have prevented this fire. And if you don't have them now is the time to have them installed.

  4. Sam Holden says:

    Are news readers on antidepressants with all the bad news they have to report😔

  5. Rich D says:

    Overpopulated run down building filled with poor islamic illegal immigrants. this was a disaster waiting to happen.

  6. dsquared2 says:

    they clearly know Everyone in der died why they hiding the truth

  7. dsquared2 says:

    why are dey saying people are missing and shit everyone in that block burnt alive

  8. John says:

    Ok rebuild it properly and fill it with white British people, and you'll find thisproblem will go away! Until rhen you liberal fucks! It shall carry on! Maybe its you next! With a bit of luck! See ya!

  9. Lucas Prosser says:

    This guy should get a promotion, he has such a difficult job.

  10. Dohe says:

    Last time I heard about this only 7 were dead. It's so upsetting now that our summer is coming and they are going to miss it

  11. iiAlax says:

    I am litteraly getting pissed off.
    There another incident that just happen yesterday night.
    I am starting to notice that the more attack will happen every week.
    1st attack Manchester
    2nd attack London Bridge attack
    3rd Grenfield Tower destroyed
    4th Finsbury Park Attack

    What the fuck..
    I am so the disappointed.

  12. YoungV Sinatra24 says:

    England is killing more of their people than the amount of people cartels kill in a year.

  13. Jan Kocbek says:

    How many whites? 🙁

  14. Cavan B says:

    No sprinkler systems? What the FUCK? What kind of fire code does the U.K. have?

  15. ali abdi says:

    your telling me that 500-600 live there. Yet they were told to stay inside. Where are they can't find them can you. Media playing it down 500-600 people died. let's say 150 survived where are the rest. This is total bs.

  16. Shammy Fashy says:

    500 dead BBC liars!!!

  17. Harunakar Reddy Parne says:

    this complex was burned (may be) by isis or muslim terrirost organisations


    This is a joke they better do something about this

  19. scabab says:

    Let's hope of the 79 only a few are white.

  20. a7med says:

    More like 500

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