London tube strike: Rail network brought to a standstill

There have been chaotic scenes across parts of the British capital as millions of commuters attempt to get to and from work during a 24-hour tube strike.

The London tube network carries up to 4.8 million passengers a day.

Commuters packed the pavements and overcrowded buses on Monday after tube staff walked out in protest against job cuts and ticket-office closures.

London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan has called the strike “unnecessary” and appealed to the unions to return to the negotiating table.

Al Jazeera’s Neave Barker reports from London.

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20 Responses

  1. Witold Dietrich says:

    They uses us to their own purpose, we're like hostages , they should pay every lost penny us as a people who are nothing to do with their matters

  2. Demetrios Kotsionis says:

    Do it again

  3. cary bary says:

    And it's bumbling sadiq Khan fault. All he's good for is censoring bra adverts at bus stops like it's the 1950s.

  4. Ekama Noieau says:


  5. James Australian says:

    If the unions keep pushing strikes for more driver pay, driverless drone trains will be coming real quick. It would be extremely easy to make driverless trains…

  6. GTA V Decoders says:

    I dunno what to say, though i saw my girlfriend suffer trying to get to work in the city was painful.

  7. Tinashe Kachikoti says:

    Am I the only one who is surprised to find out that Al Jazeera's London offices are based in The Shard ?

  8. Dick Cheney says:

    Automate the trains and fire half of the employees.

  9. Ablaikhan Bennett says:

    So glad I stayed at home.

  10. BritishMoralHQ says:

    fun u sadiq khan for not standing in solidarity with the pli
    ght of working men…u r dad a union member rolls in his grave sadiq

  11. Anna Key says:

    "Tory Chancellor George Osborne cut £700 million from the central
    government operating grant to Transport for London in November 2015.
    Tory Mayor Boris Johnson welcomed the cuts and within six months
    abolished 800 Tube jobs, closed ticket offices and the subsequent "new
    work practices" introduced under his regime have been so brutal they
    have led to a further exodus of staff from the service. The pair of them
    have heaped havoc on the Tube. And though Osborne and Johnson are gone
    from those offices, their damage is set to continue with another
    £1.4billion in cuts due by 2018.
    "Put quite simply these level of cuts are not compatible with a
    safely run, properly staffed Tube and my members are now highly anxious
    about the impact this is having and will continue to have on their
    ability to keep you safe. . Our overtime ban of the last month has
    demonstrated effectively that there are no longer enough Tube staff
    employed employed to keep the networks 270 tube stations open.
    "Too many stations are being been left open without staff, CCTV
    monitoring which protects against congestion has all but vanished,
    evacuation procedures are now insecure and the abolition of ticket
    offices have exposed our members to a sharp spike in levels of personal
    and physical abuse at work from increasingly frustrated passengers. No
    wonder they are fearful at work – there is much for them to be worried
    "My members go to work every day proud to serve Londoners, proud to
    keep our city's people transported. They are striking today to tell you
    that they can no longer transport you as safely as you, or they, would
    like and as safely as you were transported this time last year.
    "They want safety standards ring-fenced as TfL faces a new round of
    cuts in the next year. They want central government to halt the
    abolition of the grant that will leave London the only major city in the
    world without a public transport subsidy. They need many more than the
    200 jobs returned to the Tube if they are to keep 4million commuters a
    day travelling safely. And they want me to thank the public for your
    solidarity as we fight this battle to preserve your right to
    Tube-travel with maximum safety.
    "And of course our negotiating team available round the clock for talks with LU to resolve these matters."
    TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes

  12. franknhonest says:

    All strike action should be made illegal. Sign today at

  13. Jerry Man says:

    Ticket worksers are mad that their jobs are being taken away by automation.
    Um … yea … thats how the world works.

  14. Peaceful World says:

    One bus would take ages to reach its destination instead of some few minutes. That produces too much pollution. 1000000 times more than usual. Not to mention that London has already exceeded the limits for poor quality air in this very new year.

  15. Hee Sing Sia says:

    Why did the strike happen?

  16. cosimocub says:

    dollars? it's London mate

  17. 9-BBN says:

    Pointless? but it happened on your watch and that's the main point..

  18. Verminna Lee says:

    This looks like one of those days where you stay home.

  19. Dan Murphy says:

    Sadiq Khan's father was a bus driver, so he learned early how to throw unions under them. Why not focus on the actual reasons of the strike (2 sentences) than the suffering of folks who don't seem to know or care

  20. Engineer the Empire says:

    Very interesting bit.

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