Lyla has an Awesome Sleepover… With an Imaginary Friend?!?!

Lyla has a fun day playing with a friend but her mom thinks this new friend is imaginary? Is Ada real or imaginary?

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Music by Kevin MacLeod
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20 Responses

  1. Roxana Vazquez says:


  2. naffesa ahmed says:

    I had a imaginary freind

  3. afnan faiza says:

    I had one to

  4. Pikachu and Ninetails Special Channel says:

    what's FYI?

  5. Ella Nation says:

    I had a dream that I had an imaginary friend named Emma. She used to play board games with me and now she is playing sports that were all truly real.

  6. amyah coleman says:

    my imaginary friend , her name was Whitney

  7. Ludivina Flores says:


  8. Nadiesna Correa says:

    and the funniest part is when she said stay awesome kids when shes like a baby

  9. Manny Aragundi says:

    So funny: )

  10. Vinita Vijay says:

    Its sooo cute when she says seven awsome kids

  11. Th3 Immortality says:

    LamzaAmazonrr is

  12. Hafsa Khan says:

    the mom got bustid

  13. jahangir ahmed says:

    I have one and l am 6

  14. Jamie Chee says:

    My best friend is Ada too!

  15. Thao Linda says:

    scared too

  16. Milagros Lorenzo says:

    i have an imaginary friend her names are leah and francesca they are exra AWESOME!!!!

  17. Annabel the Gymnast! says:

    I didn't but my brother had one when he was little called freddy

  18. Miss Casanova says:


  19. Leah B says:

    yes I did have an imaginary friend called meghan

  20. Amelia Rondon says:

    I had a imaginary friend when I was seven

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