Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn React To Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes Speech

This was priceless.
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  1. HighlanderNorth1 says:

    I am so tired of these overpaid, overrated actors and musicians, whose egos have become so bloated by the undeserved praise that society heaps on them for no good reason. You aren't curing diseases or solving society's problems! You are paid ridiculous amounts of money to pretend to be somebody you are not. But that's not enough for you…. You must be invited to numerous 'awards shows', where you are praised even more for pretending to be some one you aren't.

  2. thatcuriousguy says:

    Vaughn does bjj, as soon as she dissed mma and that its not an art vince had a problem with that.

  3. Kim Freyberg says:

    The best political speech goes to…

  4. Trey Waka says:

    I'm glad Mel Gibson is making a comeback in the film industry.
    Just goes to show that political Hollywood is slowly but steadily becoming less relevant.

  5. metalmugen says:

    Fucking love it. I made both faces during the speech

  6. Drizzyscousin says:

    Actually Vince looks that way because she disrespected MMA and Vince practises BJJ

  7. Richard Head111 says:

    She is an embarrassment.She takes a public stage and tells everyone she is a poor loser? She is dead to me.

  8. jet7111 says:

    yah everyone in the world doesn't share ur stupid ass opinions, the she tries to throw on the American people, like we all are supposed to follow her, she's a great actress but it ends there, the country voted deal with it, oh wait it's almost March and you people are still bitching

  9. Truth Bomb says:

    well she's not winning any awards for that performance! What a disingenuous, insincere cunt!

  10. slantyrock says:

    good lads.

  11. ACASTA GNEISS says:

    lol u just know Vince Vaughn is red-pilled

  12. bargain bob says:

    i wish someone would ask him what he thought about that rapist supporter's speech.

  13. veni vidi vici says:

    "If this bitch don't shut the fuck up…"

  14. Leon Reaper says:

    Mel Gibson: what's this gotta do with films?
    Vince Vaughn: Jesus Christ woman, not here!

  15. Rabidcolombian says:

    Sign this petition to tell celebrities to shut up about politics:

  16. Enco Encomen says:

    Vince Vaughn 's reaction is priceless here.

  17. PowerOf One says:

    Streep is a fool. Sold out. Her head is up Hillary ass sooooooooooo far.

  18. DEE HOP says:

    Vince Vaughn and Mel Gibson's expression is priceless! It's nice to know they are NOT with the cry baby, snowflakes, of Hollywood.
    Now, if other conservative actors, could have as much courage, as these two. I'd start watching movies again.
    I can not buy, watch or support, FAKE Hollywood liberal actors, anymore! I can not stomach them. They've gone completely INSANE!! With their self righteous, phony, totally clueless, BULL S#IT, NO ONE can stand them anymore! Even some of their liberal fan base, can not defend them!
    A word to Hollyweird… The public is getting so sick of your whining. They're turning OFF the television, NOT going to the Box Office and choosing to do anything else (board games, cards, read a book,) than watch or have anything to do with lining your pockets, while you spread hatred, propaganda, lies, negativity, or hypocrisy.
    Everyone of you ladder climbers, have your own skeletons in your closets. Something WILL come out someday… Then, you'll know what it's like to be judged!
    So, continue to spew your BS and watch your bank accounts suffer. It the PUBLIC that keeps you rich. Without us… You'd be one of us, getting fed-up, with your S#IT!

  19. Elsie Ross says:

    And the award goes to Mel Gibson for acting as if he's trying to understand what the hell she is saying.

  20. Ÿamada says:

    I hate her all she does is bitch on and on

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