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20 Responses

  1. Yusuf15243 says:

    Shut up who ever said FAKE deji my g

  2. It's Complicated says:

    Guys pls subscribe to my channel so I can also be a big youtuber one day
    I packed a 91 TOTS on my channel! Go check it out! And subscribe while you are there!

  3. Shazo says:

    Song plzzzz 4:24

  4. Daze Gamer says:


  5. Dabbsy 12 says:

    He looks homeless tho😂

  6. Marek Lesniewicz says:

    Deji you are reacting like you just got the toty Ronaldo

  7. overwatch skillz says:

    lol he had a ps4 controller and he has an xbox. 4:56 bottom right, its says A

  8. UpToInsanity says:

    PS4 controller but getting messi on an xbox hahahaha

  9. WoflGuy says:


  10. Sonic 18762 says:

    4:23 he doesn't notice he's getting Lionel Messi. xD

  11. Myst says:

    He was playing on the right screen but when he packed messi it's on the left lol.

  12. tekkerz boy isnan says:

    the messi pack is fake sub to me if u agree

  13. Hamed Alahirsh says:


  14. Hamtastic says:

    Make a fifa 17 series. Leave like if you agree 🙂

  15. FUNNY VIDEOZ says:

    Song 4:32 plz?

  16. Rami Alzain says:

    fake and gay

  17. Asad Ajaz says:

    0:48 lol

  18. leggomatt 22 says:

    he didn't even know what an inform

  19. stefan nightingale says:

    Even Vikk knows more than him

  20. Anthonypobl says:

    he say 10 times no

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