Mesut Ozil and Alexis try kung fu!

We’re heading to China this summer – and ahead of our trip to Shanghai and Beijing, Mesut Ozil, Alexis, Gabriel and Emi Martinez have been learning kung fu.

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20 Responses

  1. MCcodyDoesGaming says:

    I hope they could use those moves to win the tittle

  2. Ícaro Filipe Braga says:

    I hope they do not make a fatal ninja in us and leaving our club 🙁

  3. Gotenks SSJ3 says:

    I'm a Chelsea fan…wtf am I doing here ????

  4. sturg1dj says:

    has anyone else noticed that Gabriel is in basically all of these? He is trying so hard, isn't he?

  5. Ayub Osman says:

    mesut hand stretches like hitlers style lol

  6. MTHABISI INNOCENT Marapani says:

    This will only encourage them to fight in the pitch!!! We dont need this kind of things at Arsenal…Red Cards

  7. Chamrong Tith says:

    Arsenal are going to be Shaolin football team next season

  8. Faaiq Mabrur says:

    Hello ox 😂 #Ending

  9. Mario Montoya says:

    I feel like Alexis sanchez would be good to do kung fu

  10. Podyschweiny says:

    Lol Master Özil! Imagining that he stars in the Kung Fu Panda part 4, it would be extremely awesome.

  11. Javier Martinez says:

    Buena po Alexis qlao jajaja 😂 crack. "wan tu tri" jajajajajjajsjsj grande alezi

  12. Claudio Herrera says:

    1:03 subliminal message of Ozil, greeting to hitler

  13. Camilo Caempege says:

    1:28 ctmre la wea wena xd

  14. Zed ._. says:

    It is for trip to Russia😁😁

  15. Assker Oso says:

    alexis qlo weno:v

  16. AmineTV says:

    at 0:39 i want too imitate him but i broke my computer

  17. XxEnergy_ PlayerxX says:

    Jajajaja thats so funny jajajsja

  18. aknico arki axn says:

    Alguien que hable español? hay purés ingleses

  19. Fito YT says:


  20. Fefa Y Compañia says:

    alexis es él mejor chilenos de corazón chiiiiileeee

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