My Shop is Getting Awesomer!

My Shop is Getting Awesomer!

Mere’s pretty impressive running 12 miles right?!?!

Portable Band Saw

Check out to win the hat!

The camera I’m using
My editing software

Smacking you with a fresh daily episode every 3 days or so………

Joakim Karud

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20 Responses

  1. XxAwesomeGamerxX Weimer says:

    a AR-15

  2. Aldrin Wetnight says:


  3. Sheila Calhoun says:

    Watches each ad to support Matt and his family. also, snail rest in pieces.

  4. Kelly Dees says:

    Also, at the 15 minute mark you said "I don't k ow what to put there" Two words bro "Reloading press"!

  5. Kelly Dees says:

    Dude, peg-board on the wall is a stinking life-saver. Like, it's meh, until you realize how much wasted space the walls USED TO BE! I love mine. Those hooks are cheap, and come in a zillion types. From shelving to hanging power tools. Peg-board RULES!

  6. gridorin says:

    turkey?, really?, well i would use net gun or whatever is name that shoot a wide net… then i build turkey farm…

  7. Gage Anderson says:

    Ar 15

  8. Brandon Guin says:

    Thanks Dr. Matt I'm a small time knife maker and was looking for tools the band saw table would be perfect. thank swag for sending it and thank you for showing it off.

  9. Seth Tomplait says:

    A chainsaw

  10. Jim Arnold says:

    i like that hat

  11. opman339 says:


  12. Spring Tahoma129 says:

    6:20 pull it out slow so you don't get dirty

  13. fourhotdogs 1 says:

    if there's no limit on used two pistols and a shotgun

  14. UltimateVisionStudios says:

    I'd take a 10 gage with 500 round barrels.

  15. Death Knight says:

    AR 15 for the turkey invasion

  16. Storm trooper 101 W says:

    Hi would take a mini gun and tons of explosive mini gun ammo.

  17. MrNTG187 says:

    4:22 i need the name of the song please

  18. Carter Hippo says:

    Machine gun

  19. Thomas Angell says:

    I would take duel Tommy guns

  20. Ethan Chapman says:

    Flame thrower

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