Notting Hill win Best Soundtrack presented by Ronnie Wood and Thora Birch | BRIT Awards 2000

Ronnie Wood & Thora Birch announce “Notting Hill” as the winner of the Best Soundtrack Award

Brandon Block arrives onstage to collect the award!?!

Brandon and Ronnie exchange words

Acceptance speech from Emma Chambers

Acceptance video from Ronan Keating
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20 Responses

  1. Dan O'Malley says:

    Ronnie Wood, embarrassing, cowardly and pervy, Wheres Vinnie!!!!!! Davinas a big mouthed cunt. Remember watching this live, and Vinnie said '''That bloke who upset my mate Ronnie has been proper sorted out'' then Davina hugged him! Is this the height of cuntiness???!

  2. Franco Adam says:

    "Thank you very much, ya old bastard" hahaha, brillant.

  3. davecatalyst says:

    Go on Blocko nut him

  4. jon maclachlan says:

    I'm gonna get my friend vinnie on you! 😂
    What a fucking old melt,
    Go on Brandon my son! 😂

  5. Gary Paro says:

    Ronnie wood seems like a right prick!

  6. Gary Paro says:

    Dont say fuck or bugger!!!

  7. Lozeeze888 says:

    Liked this for Brandon Block 😂😂

  8. Phoebe Carter says:

    Emma's top with the tassles…..I'm transported right back to my 2000 wardrobe when I could fit into size 10 clothes

  9. Kerry says:

    GET off stage you cunt! lmao 😂

  10. Vincent Braddon says:

    is it me or does Ronnie look like a dirty old man really uncomfortable viewing leave the poor girl alone

  11. TONY BUTLER says:

    can't believe it was 17 yrs ago

  12. A.daley says:

    I like how every insult is directed towards the microphone and not each other

  13. You Tried It! says:

    why is ronnie molesting the girl from hocus pocus

  14. katoness says:

    Thank you very much you old bastard LOL

  15. 789789 D says:

    Wasn't all Brandon's fault. He reckoned he was on his way to bar when a production guy stopped him and told him to go to the stage. Wonder if he thought he was Hugh Grant?

  16. SnowBase says:

    Ronnies a fucking pussy 😂 he hid behind his girl hahahaha typical rock fag.

  17. John Smith says:

    00:40 – Ronnie Wood's stood there thinking: "Nah, too old."

  18. Caroline Burns says:

    Anyone else remember Brandon Block's Brits? A then lesser known Katie Price had a segment on it called Jordans Top Tips!

  19. TheDragBible says:

    I'm here cuz cbb

  20. Amy williams says:

    Here from big brother lollll

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