Officer Found Not Guilty In Fatal Shooting Of Philando Castile

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20 Responses

  1. Victor Harris says:

    they love seeing us suffer.

  2. Matthew Allen says:


  3. kundalini1128 says:

    Something about this whole thing don't add up. Both the cop and the girlfriend are MK-Ultra.

  4. Young 2k says:

    Remember y'all, the cop's Hispanic

  5. Gallardo 5Million says:

    Stop buying white owned products. Support black owned businesses as much as you can. Google and youtube is your best friend to finding out who owns what products. Hurt this racist white supremacist system with your money. Boycott as many white products as you can. Thats what im doing currently. Buy African black soap instead of Dove or Irish Spring

  6. Christian Gae says:

    What do we do from here?

  7. Christian Gae says:

    It's ok to shoot some1 as long as you're scared to death.

  8. Marvin the Martian says:


  9. Akon Fenty says:

    Just cus you don't like it Charlamagne doesn't mean the jury was wrong idiot.

  10. Akon Fenty says:

    You black ppl flipping your shits apparently don't know how jury works…these jurors have to look at this thing called what class? EVIDENCE and there wasn't enough evidence to convict or what the stupid hood rat was saying was a damn lie.

  11. Adrian Blade says:

    A dead black man means nothing to the courts

  12. Elizabeth Ross says:

    just 😢

  13. zakiyah34 says:

    The jurors were a bunch of redneck trash racist mutha fucka's that convinced the two coon ass negro's to say the coward ass cop wasn't guilty!

  14. Akon Fenty says:

    You black ppl kill me how you would have sympathy for a gang member, homophobe, anti-semitic and black extreme racist…I applaud that cop for getting rid of the trash, that P.O.S gang member has no business in America…for all you idiots having sympathy, the Bible tells us that the wage of sin is death…he's a criminal even if his crimes he committed were minor offenses, but he still committed a crime when he broke the law, and I have no sympathy for this bastard.

  15. j lady says:

    fuk the justice system hope one of the jurors find the same fate with a loved one. o well #sotiredofthebs.

  16. Akon Fenty says:

    This is the dumbest dotd, cus a jury is supposed go based on EVIDENCE you stupid idiot Charlamagne…so where is your evidence that Philando was murdered? do you have evidence of what happened except for the hood rat's version? see the jury saw all of the evidence which didn't match with the hood rat and he was found not guilty…jurors are supposed to based off evidence not EMOTIONS idiot…question: why should we care about a crip? he was a gang member, homopobic, anti-semitic and an extreme pro-blacks and why should a juror go off emotions?…so should the jurors in the OJ Simpson case get dotd? Charlamagne is a hypocrite.

  17. Jeradiah Williams says:

    The Justice System is legally​ executing genocide of African Americans! This is of no surprise to me and makes me not trust most, if not, all police officers right now.

    I know quite a few of them and they're all good people who follow the law BUT the majority of them are just plain bigots and hypocrites…….just like that little boy in the White House. I've always watched my back when it comes to most police officers, but now I have to fear for my life when I get pulled over by one and that's not right either. #DamnShame

  18. Blake Lake says:

    If you're easily "scared" by civilians, you shouldn't be a cop. Shame on the system that has allowed this to happen.

  19. Elisa Castillo says:

    Wow just wow! Straight up bullshit!

  20. That214Boy says:

    Wonder who she will call when some of these same coons who are patting her on the back try to break into her house and rob her monkey Ass once she gets her 7-8 figure civil settlement? 🤔🤔🤔

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