Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum Review

Hi everyone,
I will be reviewing the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum (Fragrance Free) in this video. I wanted to see if this well-known face serum that’s readily found in drugstores will hold up against my collection of other face serums from higher-end skincare lines. Enjoy!


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16 Responses

  1. Editha Portes says:

    yes…absolutely I'm happy with…. olay products.. just one name brand I have it..no one else..love it!!

  2. Yuvraj gill says:

    you so cute

  3. gta gods says:

    suck your pewe

  4. gta gods says:

    You little bich

  5. Cynthia Hamil says:

    I like your analogy of the products working together like a team – like your parents! Great analogy!!! I like this one!

  6. Blanc Pomme says:

    "You'd be an idiot to stop" How harsh of you that shit is expensive should we steal this so as to not be labeled as an "idiot". Bitch you look like you have 10 jobs and never slept at all.

  7. shang re says:

    u look exhausted n sleepy

  8. dawn says:

    wow u got a great skin …jst subbed:)

  9. Stevo K Atkinson says:

    WOW ..
    You skin is beautiful like yourself. .

  10. kuekue poe says:

    you so cute

  11. janet williams says:

    I just found this product at Big Lots for $4.50. The size is .5 ounces and I believe this product comes with fragrance. there were several bottles I'm thinking of going back to get more because I love it so far

  12. Violeta G says:

    Great  review! Gorgeous skin on a gorgeous lady 🙂

  13. alohamom100 says:

    Please do your day and night skincare routine.

  14. Barna Haldar says:

    hi Carol,
    loved your review.. wish to have glowing skin like yours. could please tell how efficient is this serum on age spots / pigmentation / freckles ?

  15. Navjot Kaur says:

    Can you please do skin care routine for your glowy skin.. Love it 🙂

  16. MsJenna12 says:

    Yay I want to try! And again love how glow-y your skin is!

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