PaRappa The Rapper – Stage 1

The first stage of PaRappa The Rapper for PlayStation.
“Kick punch, it’s all in the mind…”
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20 Responses

  1. An epic Noob in the community says:

    2:10 Catchiest part.

  2. Daisy Roblox says:

    Wow I wish I could beat any video games wait I know I gotta believe!

  3. ghaleonvash says:

    You guys should check out project rap rabbit on kickstarter from the guy who made parappa the rapper and Gitaroo man

  4. PUG_TH3_KING says:

    i was born in 2007

  5. MADDLILL Games says:

    0:07 die bullys

  6. Emanuel Perez says:

    I never passed this stage as a kid 😭

  7. David Flores says:

    Looks like an episode of Liquid Television

  8. Dial-Up Log says:

    I miss real hiphop

  9. Justin Tugaoen says:


  10. Super Cell Gamer4321 says:

    i gotta believe!!!! words of inspiration

  11. The Dank King says:

    PaRappa gets all of that pussy

  12. Toasty Koma says:

    What is this

  13. Peridot Dorito says:

    1:15 wtf parappa 1:20 yeah

  14. Alex 6647 says:

    you can play it now on PS 4, IT,S BACK!

  15. Optical Vexus says:

    i came from dantdm

  16. Human Springtrap says:


  17. ignismaniaco says:


  18. That OneGuy says:

    lol xd

  19. ThegamerXD1234 I upload gaming stuff! says:

    Since i tried the demos the lyrics have never gotten out of my head….

  20. 2von thug says:

    kick punch it all in the mind

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