Paul Gascoigne GAZZA all career goals (almost)

Sit back and enjoy a bucketful of goals scored by Paul Gascoigne from his time at Newcastle, Spurs, Lazio, Rangers, Middlesbrough and for England (apart from the one against Scotland – The Man from UEFA, he say No. I’ve put it in the thumbnail though).
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20 Responses

  1. jp mardini says:

    great video!

  2. White Tony says:

    National treasure. We love you Paul. Be well
    ~ an England fan

  3. Godefroy de Bouillon says:

    Legendary , respect from Lazio !!

  4. David Forster says:

    Gazza was class like. Him and Beardsley my all time toon favourites

  5. Fernando Partridge says:

    haha! that music😊

  6. suriyo Putla says:


  7. Barca Bears 72 says:

    never again will we see the likes of gazza . a true football great

  8. pranetr pranetra says:

    the Best

  9. James CM says:

    You don't get many talents like Gazza in England anymore. Always my fav as a kid

  10. Patrioten 74 says:

    European Maradona.

  11. Matthew Mulvaney says:

    England needs another gazza and another world class team

  12. Watp72 says:

    Was sheer world class at Rangers

  13. Murat Kayaduman says:

    Looks like Frank Lampard.
    and Steven Gerard

  14. Elephantstopper says:

    Better than Pele.

  15. jimmyshitbags says:

    Some players England have wasted during my time on Earth:
    Paul Gascoigne
    Peter Beardsley
    Alan Shearer
    Paul Scholes
    Steven Gerrard
    Frank Lampard
    Wayne Rooney
    David Beckham
    Ian Wright
    Robbie Fowler
    Michael Owen
    Les Ferdinand
    Andy Cole
    Teddy Sheringham
    Ashley Cole
    John Terry
    John Barnes
    Jermaine Defoe
    Jamie Carragher
    Sol Campbell
    Martin Keown
    Tony Adams
    Steve Howey
    Rob Lee
    Stuart Pearce
    Raheem Sterling
    Daniel Sturridge
    Jamie Vardy
    Harry Kane

  16. Àlex Leiva Maturana says:

    Very good video, and great musical selection!
    Just missing the goal for Everton and scored 2 with Gansu Tianma in China!
    If you record it again, try it in HD!
    Thankyou for the video!!!!

  17. Kristian Gjerstad says:

    Just a wonderful footballer. Take a bow, Gazza. Take a bow.

  18. savedfaves says:

    The music makes it. Brilliant player.

  19. sajid butt says:

    The greatest european footballer to grace the game. I can say this modestly.

  20. Axl Rose says:

    the best ever?

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